Activity Sunday

We brought Zai for a swim on Sunday with his new swim gear. Had been wanting to bring him for a swim since after my confinement, but weather haven’t been good. In fact yesterday when we were there it was also drizzling in the beginning. I had wanted to bring Loi too, but my MIL doesn’t feel like going, and we can’t manage both with just the two of us, so we just brought Zai.

It has been a year since I “swam” with him. He tried the twirling slide for the first time on his own! I think the first time he came down he was a little frighten by it. But I think the thrill was too much fun for him that he wanted to go for a second try. And since, its no return. He enjoys it very much and keep on climbing back up to it. We have to bring him out of the area. We had such good time that I have no time for photos.

However, the water was quite cold, so we didn’t stay for very long. But lucky the boy also didn’t protest much. We told him to bade goodbye to the pool and brought him for his bath.

After his bath, we brought him to the playroom. However, there is some private function next door which is linked to the playroom, so there were quite a number of kids there playing. So we didn’t play for long too. But we notice this time round the boy is able to climb up the slides on his own. I guess its the trying in school playground that gives him the practice.

Playing in CSC Playroom

These activities really tire the boy out. He fell asleep while on our way back. He didn’t wake up until we finish our lunch and was snoring away in his sleep. I like to see kids like that. Playing to release all their energy and falling asleep on their own to recover.

At night we also did something quite daring. The two of us brought the two kids out to Chinatown. We live near there, so a short walk will reach, so we thought we will bring the kids to see the lights and the crowd in the new year market. Who knows our boy fell asleep just when we reach Chinatown. I guess he was really tired from the day activity and didn’t replenish enough in the afternoon. He slept all the way till this morning.

Loi All Geared Up to Brave the Winds

It was a waste of our energy to walk all the way there but they don’t get to see what we plan to let them see. But with both of them asleep we can take a slow walk back, and enjoy our “dating” with two babies in tow. :p


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