A few days ago, one of my friend posted this link on his FB.

Seriously, kids are so good at mirroring adults actions and behaviors. Especially kids at Zai age.

Take for example, we have never really taught Zai how to brush his teeth. But every morning now, when I bring him to the toilet to brush, he sort of know how to do it. And would request me to brush my teeth too. Its because he observes how we brush our teeth.

And just this morning, he saw a air sickness bag in Loi cot. And he started saying “Mi Mi *uak*” as in the puking sound. I think he remembers me puking into other a air sickness bags when I was pregnant with Loi. But when I told him that the bag is not for my puke but for the tissues I use in the night when I feed Loi and continue to throw a tissue in to show him, he registered it. Cause moments later when he sneeze, he went to take a tissue on his own, wipe his nose and threw the tissue into the bag (although actually he didn’t have any mucus coming out from his nose).

Other examples include how he takes out his shoes. We normally wear slippers out in the weekend where Zai will be coming home with us. So he often see us take out our “shoes” by standing and “kicking” the slippers off. So now when Zai comes home and is asked to take off his shoes, he will stand on one leg and start kicking his leg, expecting his shoes to come off. But he didn’t realize that he is actually wearing a sandal, so it won’t come off just like that.

I think we should really watch our behaviors when we are in front of the kids. We really don’t know which little action that we did will actually leave an imprint in them.

Mirror: Zai Kissing Himself

*This photo was taken a few months back when we were at some departmental store. The boy loves himself so much that he wants to kiss his own reflections in the mirror.


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