Yesterday Zai’s teacher told Chubby that Zai cried in the afternoon after his bath. His 老師 was reading a book “I’m a big brother” to him. This is the book previously his teacher lend it to us for us to teach him the values of being a big brother. I have read it to him a couple of time and he really likes the book. Don’t know is it because he recalled the time that I read to him and suddenly misses us and starts crying.

Actually these few days my boy is very sticky to me. He even wants me to carry him most of the time. Even when we are out. He chooses me over his Daddy. It never happened in the past, even when I was pregnant. We start to ponder why.

A little discussion with his teacher, she admit that because there are new comers to the class since the start of the year. And my boy being quite independent, they didn’t shower him with much attention. She mention that when the other kids cries, he will actually stop what he is doing and watch what happens around him.

We wonder if that is the reason why he is so sticky these days and the reason why he is crying in the afternoon. Cause he misses the attention. At home, I will always tend to him, unless I have chores to do (sometime, he will even push me or drag me away from my chores). Maybe that’s why he is very sticky to me now.

We hope this independence character in him will not be diminish because of the lack of attention in school. We hope he won’t choose to go down the whiney road, just to get attention from us or his teachers. But its really not easy, afterall, kids need love. But we have no choice but to leave him at a childcare. We just hope everything will work out well. I will be going back to work soon. I will have lesser time with him, I just hope things will turn out fine.

Observing his world

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