Little Ones Reading in Dec 2011

I have borrowed some books for Loi Loi too. So the title shall change from now!


This is a black and white book showing different kinds of animals silhouette. Some is make up of smaller animals, others are just a big black picture. This is obviously borrowed for Loi Loi, since she can only see black and white now. As the book is at home, Zai will read it sometime too. I tried pointing to the smaller animals making up the silhouette to him and Loi.

Black and White

Another black and white book for Loi. Showing mainly “shapes” like waves, twirls, spots etc.

Maisy's Seasons

Zai have a DVD of Maisy Mouse and is one of his favorites. So when I saw the book I borrowed it for him. And I must say its one of his favorite book for the month. He reads it everytime we are in the car. This book shows the different things that Maisy likes to do in the different season. There are flaps to be lifted, wheels to turn. Zai will lift the flap read out the name of the animals. On the last page, are little flaps showing things that Maisy do in every season. He loves the “cooking” one best. And he will tell me “Daddy Cook”, “Mi-Mi Cook”. But actually I don’t cook so I will correct him and say ‘Maa-Maa Cook” and “Po-Po Cook”.

Sweet Dreams Maisy

Maisy again. But Zai likes this lesser, probably because there are no flaps for him to flip. But he will still sit through the story sometime about the things Masiy do before he goes to bed.

Clap Hands

Zai have read this book before when he was just a few months old. Of course he couldn’t really appreciate that then, so this time round I borrowed it again for him and he enjoys it. As the book shows some action which he can do like clapping hands and blowing trumpet. And there were also other behaviors which I taught him that cannot be done, like taking other people’s food or pouring milk onto others. Hope he will learn and remembers them.

Good Bye Diaper
Pete's Potty

Borrowed this two books with the aim of potty training him. But alas he is not interested. When I bring up the book, he will just push it away. Not giving it any chance. I guess this have to wait for later.


After borrowing a similar book last month on not kicking others I borrowed this again. Especially now that he is growing his molar and loves to bite. There was a few times Chubby and Me got bitten by him. So I specially borrowed this book to teach him that he should not bite on people but rather on biscuits and others.


Talks about the goods of vegetables. His interest is so-so.


This book teaches the steps in washing hands. As he is learning to wash his hands in school, this book enhances his learning and he likes it.


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