Twenty Twelve

Happy 2012!

Yesterday my SIL asked me what is my New Year Resolution. I told her I stopped believing in setting one, cause I never ever manage to fulfill them. And I learn to believe I shouldn’t wait for the new year to start setting goals. So no new year resolution for me.

But I do have new year wishes. I hope for good health and happiness for my family and friends. Especially my two kids. Zai is turning two in a few mths time, I hope there will not be “terrible two” for him. He will continue to be my charming happy boy. As for Loi, I hope she turn out to be a happy baby like her bro, who didn’t give us much problem when bringing him “up”.

I realize with a shock that I will be back to work in 2 weeks time! I am looking forward to 為工作衝刺, yet at the same time hesitant. It’s back to the sever lack of sleep due to the need to breastfeed. And the lesser time with my two precious ones. I guess I should just enjoy this two remnant weeks with the little “Me” time I had in the afternoon when Zai is in school and Loi is sleeping. And the little “We” time when both went to bed at night.

Hello 2012! Can you go at a slower pace so I have time for everything? And watching my kids grow instead of realizing they have grown?


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