Loi @ 2 Months

2 Months already! My girl have grown so much.

Mastered Skills

  • Vocalises Sounds – gurgling and cooing
    My little girl is quite noisy. She makes lots of noise. I love looking at her and coo with her. But she only do it for a short while and will request you to carry her so she can take a look at the surrounding.
  • Follows Object
    Yup, tried it a few times and she will really look and stare. Especially our faces.
  • Holds head up for short periods
    Yup. When she wakes up from her sleep on her tummy, she will lift her head and attempt to crawl.

Emerging Skills

  • Smiles, laughs
    Yup. She smiles quite a fair bit when you play with her. But I think her bro smiles more when he is younger. I just hope she will turn out to be a happy baby like her bro. And there was one night I actually heard her laugh. But that is in the middle of the night where everyone is sleeping. She had her milk but didn’t get back to sleep when I put her back in her bed. But I didn’t notice. Moments later I heard her laughing. Its kinda of eerie though.
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
    Yup, I think she can hold up to that angle.
  • Movements become smoother
    I think so. Cause now she can consciously put her hand into her mouth and sucks with a loud noise

Advanced Skills

  • Holds head steady
    Nope. She will drop her head suddenly when she is tired. Still sometime to reach this stage I guess.
  • Bears weight on legs
    Haven’t seen her do that before
  • May lift head and shoulder (mini-pushup)
    For a very very short while. I think I should put her more on her tummy.

Baby grows at such a face pace. My baby face changes so much too. I think this is the period where you see the most changes in them.

Loi @ 2 Months

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