Zai Reading in Nov 2011

Its coming to end Decemeber but I’m still posting on his November reading. See how far lagging behind I am in my blogging.

I was doing confinement for half of November. So I only manage to read these books to him a few times. Hopefully I remember the stories.

Count My Kisses Little One

This book teaches counting through a little story. It has been sometime since I borrowed a real “story” book. I have been borrowing lots of see and point book, cause in the past he couldn’t really enjoy stories, preferring to just point at objects and name them. So I was quite surprise when he kept quiet and sat through the book while I read to him.

Spot's Toy Box

Haven’t borrow a “Spot” book for sometime too. This book talks about the different toys that Spot have. I try to relate it back to his own toys. But he is not so “into” it.

Spot Loves His Grandma

We always read books while we were in the car. And most of the time on the way to my parents place. So when I read this book to him, I always relate back to his Po-Po. Telling him we are on our way to Po-Po house and what are the things he can do there like in the book how Spot spends time with his Grandma.

Where is My House

This book teaches the different “house” of the animals. I thought since he already know lots of animal its time to upgrade and teach him the different names of the house the animals stays in. But he didn’t appear very interested. I guess I just have to take it one step at a time.

Whose Ears

This book lets the reader take a peek at the ears and identify the animal. I tried playing with Zai, but he doesn’t really seem interested.

Where is Baby Yummy Tummy

I borrowed the Chinese version of the book last month and he really enjoys it. So when I saw the English version, I borrowed it again. And its not difficult to guess that this is his favorite book for the month. He loves the flip the flap and reveal the different body parts of the baby. And he loves kissing “them” (and taking in all the bacteria, but oh well, my boy is just so friendly).


This book reveals the color and shape of the fruits and gave a brief description of it. Then it will reveal the fruit in the following page. I tried playing it with Zai but he is not interested in it.


Similar to the previous book, this book reveals the prints of animals for the reader to guess. I thought Zai will be more interested since its his favorite animal. But again his interest is so-so nia.


I was quite surprise again that Zai manage to “sit” through the reading of this book and appear to enjoy it. This book teaches kids that they should not use their legs to kick others. If they really want to kick something, they can kick a ball or the dried leaves on the ground. Since then, when we were walking on pavements, I will encourage Zai to kick on the dried leaves. Of course he can’t do it properly yet, most time he just manage to step on them. 🙂

Actually there were two more books that he read, but I can’t find the pics and couldn’t really recall the look of the book as I only manage to capture the title down. So that’s for November 2011.


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