Zai @ 21 Month

I’m lagging behind on my blogging with all the Xmas preparation, celebration and taking care of Loi Loi. So here is Zai 21 month. I hope I can recall back then.

Mastered Skills

  • Can walk up steps
    Yup. Zai gross motor skills have always been good. So he was able to do this since sometime ago.
  • Enjoys helping around the house
    Yup I think. Cause I’m not sure if he is doing this because its fun or really he wants to help out. We have given him simple chores like throwing away rubbish, especially his own diaper and bringing his plates and bottles to the sink. When we use the small vacuum cleaner to sweep the house, he will “snatch” it from us and start doing it. Although, he can’t really clean. And since months ago, when he sees that the floor is wet, he will shout “wet wet” and run to the utility room to grab a cloth and start cleaning. We heard from his teacher in school that he will grab serviettes and clean the floor too when he sees that it is dirty.
  • Can set simple goals
    Hmm. I’m not so sure about this. The example given was deciding to put a toy in a certain place. Well, I guess I have seen that somewhere along the line but not really certain that is because he have set out certain goals to do it.

Emerging Skills

  • Can throw a ball overarm
    I think so. I think I saw this before I saw him throwing the ball over his head.
  • Can kick a ball
    Not so accurately but yes he will kick the ball
  • Can make building bricks towers
    Yes, one of his favorite toys these days is his mega blocks. He will build them tall and get a sense of achievement when he manage to build it up high.

Advanced Skills

  • Can name cat or dog when you show a picture
    Not only cat or dog. Tigers, pigs, donkey and all. His milk bottle now is Pooh and Friends. So he will always point to the animals and tell me their names after he finish his milk. Initially he will call “Eeyore” as “Barney”, I think because of the purple color. But after I corrected him and told him its a “Donkey”, he is correct now.
  • Can make short sentences
    His favorite will be “Mee Mee Eat”, “Daddy Eat”, “Mei Mei Eat”. Other then this, I hardly hear him make his own short sentences. But recently he like the “Bumblebee” song, and he will say “Ouch”… “Stung Me” like the lyrics of the song. So cute my boy.
  • Can walk down stairs
    Since months ago?

My boy has grown alot this month. Especially after he started school. Suddenly he is able to reach the handle of our main gate. And has learned to feed himself and even assist us in changing him. His speech is also developing well. Finally hear him say two syllabus words and have even learn to sing the last word of the rhymes. He still have a love for dance and would stop to watch the TV when he hear songs or sees people dancing. I hope to develop his interest in this area. But I guess we have to wait till he turn 2 at least?

Zai's love for Mei Mei

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