The Caring Boy

I dunno if I have blog about this before. Sometime in Aug, my SIL bought 3 Angry Bird lanterns for the kids to carry in Mid-Autumn. That day when the incident happened, she had brought all their lanterns to our place. And the kids were all happily playing throughout the day.

Then during the late evening an incident happened. Renee somehow pushed her sister and as a result Vaness fell and ran to her mum crying. Hence Renee got a scolding from my SIL and she also started crying.

On seeing this, Zai actually went to take their lanterns and pass it to them. Although he can’t talk, we all know from his body language that he is telling them not to cry. Let’s play with the lantern. Oh, he is so sweet.

And today his teacher told us that Zai actually show concern about others. He actually went to take a tissue for a classmate who was crying.

Oh man, I hope he will continue to exhibit such behavior. He sure will be a charming man when he grows up.


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