Thanksgiving day is long over and I’m not a Christian. It’s just that it’s my birthday and I would just like to count my blessings and give thanks.

Thank you Chubby. He is not the most perfect husband, but I’m still thankful of him. He takes on the looking after of Zai now that Loi Loi is out. I know it’s not easy handling the active boy. He does all the cooking and even the simple heating up of food cause he probably know I can’t do it properly. And there were many more things which he did and I appreciates.

The future Medalist?

Thank you for my two lovely kids. After hearing all about e-CSect I’m glad that both my kids are good and allow me to give birth to them naturally. Zai is not the most well behave boy but still he is quite obedient. Loi is too young to speak of now. And more importantly they are both healthy.

My Precious

Thank you for my parents. They brought me up and gave me what I wanted within their limits. Even now my Dad will still chauffeur us around when we ask him for help. My Mum takes great care of me during this confinement too. And they dotes on my kids. I am really thankful of them.

Thank you for my MIL. I may not agree to some of the ways she do things. But she is still a great MIL nonetheless. She helps out in the house work and took care of Zai well when we are at work.

Thank you for my siblings. I was never really close to my brother. But as the years pass, my bro is showing more concern to our family. He even bought bird nest for me after I gave birth to Loi. I’m always closer to my sis, though we have less time together now. But she is always someone really close to me. And both of them like my kids!

Zai with his YiYi

Thank you for my SILs. Always helping out in taking care of my kids when we are tied up. Especially during the period where Loi Loi is born.

Thank you for my friends. Because of the kids now I hardly have time to meet them. But they are all still very concern about me.

Thank you for my boss and colleagues. My boss have taught me alot in the past 4 years. Although there are times I don’t understand his decision but still generally he is a good boss. (hope my colleagues don’t see this. Otherwise…). And of course my bunch of team mates who have supported me well and also having to cover my work while I’m on maternity leave. They are a great bunch of people.

Thank you for my health. I may not have the fittest body but I’m glad I’m generally healthy. This is essential in taking care of my kids. I wish for health always!

Thank you for everything else.


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