Zai First Day in School

Today is Zai first day in “school”. Officially I mean. The previous times were just trial classes. Anyway, as Loi Loi is on growth spurt this week, so I decide to let my MIL accompany him to school today. So this is what I heard from her.

Zai 1st Official Day in "School"


When they reach and go thru the checks, my MIL brought him to his classroom to put his bag. She pointed a pigeon hole to him and he places it there. And then he proceed to take it out and put into another pigeon hole. My MIL turn around to see that the pigeon hole he put has got his photo there. She was surprise that he actually understand this meant that the pigeon hole is his.

They then proceed to have breakfast. Today breakfast I heard is cereal. Zai attempt to eat but didn’t like it and “spit” them out. So my MIL have no choice but to give him milk. But he drink a bit and couldn’t wait to stand up and play. So in the end he had little breakfast.

My MIL told me he keep eyeing on the playground. But she told him that it’s wet and he couldn’t go. I think they stayed indoor to play.

My MIL then proceed to tell him that she is going for breakfast, but the boy is so busy playing that he appears not bothered. My MIL left and return at about lunch time which is an hour+ later. I heard he didn’t cry or look for her during the period.

They had western food for lunch. Mushroom soup with garlic bread and nuggets I think. The soup loving boy finish all his soup.

Then is bathing time and follow by sleep. Heard he fell asleep quickly with the patting from my MIL and 林老師, while the rest of the kids didn’t sleep. My MIL then left to have her own lunch.

According to 林老師, he woke up a few times looking for my MIL. She told him my MIL went for lunch and manage to pat him back to sleep. Until the official wake up time of about 3pm, he woke up and cry to look for her. By then my MIL is back. Because its the first week, so they ended class after the nap and this means it’s time to go back.

This mark the end of his first school day. I was happy that Zai appears to adapt well. We just have to slowly train him to get use to his teachers when he wakes up from nap.

Tomorrow will be my turn to accompany him since my MIL has medical appointment. I hope I won’t be the one suffering from separation anxiety.


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