Loi Loi @ 1 month

She is way pass that but I only have time to post now.

Mastered Skills

  • Lifts Head
    Yup, she surprise me by being able to do this when she is in her 1st week. Look like she got a rather strong neck. There were times that I put her on her tummy to sleep, but she just lifts her head and wanted to “crawl”. Since then I dare not put her too much on her tummy for fear that she lifts her head, drops and is unable to lift her head again. Unless I’m beside her to watch after her.
  • Responds to sound
    I don’t think I really see this yet unless you consider being “frighten” by sudden sound as a respond. But again how do I really test this out?
  • Stares at faces
    She is able to do this now. But I’m not sure if she was able to do it when she was 1 month.

Emerging Skills

  • Follows Object
    Yup. Tried putting a finger in front of her and will see her eyes move with the finger. But her head doesn’t move that much though.
  • Ooohs and Ahhs
    Loi Loi is a noisy baby. She makes alot of noise even when she sleeps. But she haven’t really coo yet. So I guess not for this.
  • Can see black and white pattern
    I must admit I haven’t start Loi Loi on this yet. Unlike the previous time with Zai, I actually went online to look for black and white flash cards which I flashes to Zai. But for Loi Loi, I haven’t start doing that yet. And I still need to go find where are the flash cards. But I have borrowed a few black and white book when I was at the library over the weekend. I intend to show it to Loi Loi but the books are still in Chubby’s car. 😛

Advanced Skills

  • Smiles
    Yup, Loi Loi smiles. But I’m not sure if it is a genuine smile or just the reflex of the muscle. Sometimes she smiles in her sleep. Sometimes she smiles after a feed. Sometimes she smiles when you talk or “coo” to her.
  • Laughs
    Not yet
  • Holds head at 45-degree angle
    Yup I think she can for a short while.

My little girl has grown “so much” over this one month. She had put on 1 kilo. Her jaundice level finally went to a “healthy” level when she was 4 weeks old. Its really a relieve. No more weekly needle poking on her feet. She has also went for her 2nd jab for hep B. She cried a little but was otherwise quite okie.

She have developed some habits like wanting to be carried or nurse to sleep. If she is nurse till sleepy and put on the bed, she will be able to fall asleep on her own most of the time. Otherwise, we will need to carry and pat her to sleep. She prefers to be carried upright leaning on our shoulder (like in trying to make her burp).

She normally poops in the evening at between 4 to 6 pm. And most of the time during a feed. Haha, and this is very much like her bro.

She also prefers to sleep in a dark room, especially at night. Otherwise she will just look at the light source. Hence, we will try to switch off all lights and let them sleep.

So far we are still trying to manage both the kids, especially during the night, where we have to make them sleep. So far Chubby is in charge of Zai, cause I will need to nurse Loi Loi. I will normally leave the room to both of them and only return when Zai have fell asleep. And if I finish nursing Loi Loi, I will try to make her sleep in the living room. So far this has work out. I just hope that Zai will fall asleep more easily now that he is going to school, so we both have more “me” time.

Loi: Mummy are you complaining about me? I don't want to hear.

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