This question have been in my head for a few weeks already. That is should I give Loi Loi pacifier.
You see, Zai was never one that need to suckle to sleep. My MIL tried to introduce him to pacifier, but he never like it. He would spit it out. And good thing is he never suck on his fingers too. Yes occasionally he puts his finger into his mouth. But that is more because he was teething and needs to bite. So we never need to break him away from pacifiers.
But for Loi Loi I don’t think it’s the same. The first few weeks after her birth, she seems to have the need to suckle. She cries and want to be fed every hour. Initially I thought it was a growth spurt but I realize she actually puke out the milk after a while. So I think she just want to suckle to sleep and for comfort.
But I never give her pacifier for fear that she doesn’t know how to latch on after that. And she already have some problem latching.
Now she doesn’t cry as much for suckle. But she doesn’t sleep for long in the day too. My MIL wants me to introduce pacifier to her to see if that is the cause. I haven’t done it yet. I’m really reluctant.
But yesterday while out shopping, I saw a rather big boy sucking onto his thumb. I was shock. So I think it’s better to give pacifier than let her develop the habit of sucking thumb since I think its easier to kick the pacifier then the always available thumb?
I don’t know. I’m torn now. If it’s not the habit of suckle and we just intro the pacifier then aren’t we finding trouble for ourselves? But how to determine?
*Sigh* I’m troubled.


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