Zai First Trial Class

Taking care of two kids is really not easy. I have been so busy since I got home after confinement that I have no time to surf net. I guess I really have to wait till Zai enter his full time child care then I will have some breathing space.

Anyway, today is Zai first trial class at the CC. I would say I thought he did pretty well. When we reach the center, he was told to seat infront of Miss “Cynthia” (erm I think that’s her name). He was then given hand sanitizer to clean his hands, which he readily “accept”. Next Miss Cynthia checked on his hands and legs. He showed it to her. But when he was told to open his mouth, he just “smile” and refuse to open. So his mouth wasn’t checked. Miss Cynthia asked him to give her a hug, he also didn’t give it. Guess my boy is still shy.

The “class” started with breakfast. But my boy is too attracted by the new surrounding that he didn’t want to eat. And hence it went to my tummy. He was brought to an area where he was given toys to play. Initially he was quite loss until I showed him a box of toy animals. And that got him warmed up. Subsequently he saw the older kids playing self made drums and other instruments, how could he not play with them?

Playing DIY Instruments @ Trial Class

Next he was brought to his own “classroom” where they were given more time to play. Initially he played with the animal toys and puppets, but he soon realize that there is play area with stairs to climb and a ramp to “run” down. He played with it time and again.

And soon it was outdoor time. He was obviously happy to be playing at the playground. He climbed up and down the steps and also the “rope ladder”. I was surprise he was able to climb up the robe ladder. The first attempt he didn’t really step on the horizontal robe but because of the strong friction, he manage to get on top. And he was able to climb it properly on the 2nd attempt. And nobody taught him how. I think he really have good motor skills.

Zai Playing at Playground @ Trial Class

Later on, he saw the older kids on a big swing and wanted to sit on it too. He ran to me and ask me to carry him to the swing. I did but he was on it only for a short while, though I think he enjoyed that too.

Zai Playing Swing @ Trial Class

After the outdoor, its time for lunch. Again Zai was not willing to leave the playground. I have to tell him to say “Bye Bye Playground” for a few times before he actually leaves. And when he was washing his hands, he saw another class of older kids playing water! He stood there and watch. I think he wants to join them, but I quickly pull him back indoor.

Today lunch is rice with soup that has veg and chicken bits. I fed him through half the plate and 林老師 told me to let him eat on his own. So I let him try. Obviously he dirtied his clothes and the table. But manage to put enough food into his mouth. He even tried to feed me and 林老師!

They had watermelon for fruits. I used the spoon to cut it into smaller pieces and Zai ate on his own using the spoon. But after a while realize that the spoon is not effective and used his hands instead. I brought him to wash his hands and we were back, his teacher Miss Yi Jun taught him to put his plates into the washing area. Which he gladly did. At home, we also taught him to put his milk bottle into the sink whenever he finishes. So I think this is not difficult for him.

After they had their lunch, its back to the classroom again. I think because its just a trial class, they were allowed free play in the room again. And soon they were brought to the toilet for their bath. During this period, I went to express my breast milk and Chubby took over. I heard initially my boy was sadly standing there like a good boy to be bathe and that is because Miss Yi Jun was very gentle and dare not spray water too much onto him. Chubby told her that Zai is very comfortable with water and took the spray and spray onto his face directly. And this is when my boy starts to enjoy his bath like at home.

After bath, its back to the classroom for some quiet playing before they switch off the lights and attempt to make them sleep. As this is their first class, nobody actually lie down properly. All were moving around. Zai also started playing with toys. Miss Yi Jun says this is normal. No matter how tired they are, they are new to the environment so hardly they will fall asleep.

After “making” him lie on the mattress for a while I decide its time to go. Since I can see that Zai is getting tired and a little restless. Before we go, I told him to say bye bye to his teachers and give them a hug. He gladly did and even went to hug his classmate and her parents. I think the other parents were quite surprise that my boy is so friendly. And off we go. When we met up with Chubby he wanted him to carry him and immediately found his “sleeping” position on Chubby shoulders and fell asleep in less than 5 minutes.

Soundly asleep in car after Trial Class

I think Zai has been performing quite well for this trial class. He didn’t cry or look for us. Manage to play alone most of the time. Only ask me to carry him when he wants to play certain stuff and couldn’t really get it. But I’m not sure also because he knows I’m around. I wonder what will happen if I really leave?


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