NHG VS Singhealth

Due to Loi Loi jaundice problem, we visited the Polyclinic under NHG when I was back at my Mum place to do the confinement. However, Loi Loi jaundice level was still high though not dangerous after this 4 weeks. So we decide to switch to the Polyclinic near our place which is under Singhealth. That’s where I see the difference between the two healthcare group.

Generally, NHG is better. First, they are more paperless. This means they are more environmental friendly. For Singhealth I actually see them open a physical file for my daughter. And this file had been passed from the registration to the development nurse and finally to the doctor. In NHG, it’s the same process but it’s all in the comp and a click is all it need to transfer the info across. No paper and no physical person to do the passing. It definitely save time for patient too, as we need not wait for the assistant to bring the file over.
Next is the lab test result. Again at Singhealth you need to wait at the lab for the result then bring the paper result to the doc. While NHG, automatically transfer the result electronically to the doctor and the doc will call your number when the result is out. At Singhealth you have to interrupt the doc who is checking someone else that your result is out and wait for your turn next. Seriously, the process is not ideal.
Just hope that Singhealth will upgrade their system soon. After all, it’s the clinic that is nearer to our place.


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