Zai @ 20 Months

I have been away from home for about a month. I dunno if Zai has picked up some of the skills here. So I just base on what I know.

I Love Soft Toys!

Mastered Skills

  • Will pretend to feed doll
    Yup, although Zai is a boy, he also exhibit this kind of behavior. He will take his stacking cup and feed his soft toy. Sometime, to himself and me also. BTW,  he have a sudden liking for soft toys these days. But I’m really not a soft toy person, cause I’m afraid of all he dust that can be trapped inside.
  • Can take off own clothes with help
    He have been trying to do that, but didn’t succeed. Somehow his head or hands will get stuck. I’m not sure if this is considered checked?
  • Will throw away an object such as rubbish in imitation
    He was able to do this for sometime already. You pass him a rubbish he will know that he has to throw it away. But sometime, he will throw it and pick it up again. He also knows how to “clean up”. When he sees the table is dirty, he will take a tissue and attempt to “clean” it. But often making even more mess. 😛

Emerging Skills

  • Learn words at a rate of ten or more a day
    Woah, I didn’t know he should be at this stage. I think I have to start teaching him more when I’m back home. 🙂
  • Can walk up (but probably not down) stairs
    Checked. He loves climbing the stairs. But when tries to get down the stairs its the scary part. If you are holding his hand, he will attempt to “jump” or skip steps. Need to teach him to take things one at a time.
  • Searches for hidden object
    I’m not sure if this is considered. Sometimes we will hide our iPhone or his DVD when we don’t want him to play or watch it. He will actually go around the place and try to find it. Sometimes he give up easily. Sometimes he will cry if he can’t find it.

Advanced Skills

  • May start exploring genitals
    He doesn’t masturbate I think. But he loves “playing” and pulling his parts. This happens every time when we change his diapers. We will hit his hand and told him he is not suppose to play with his parts. But he still does it lots. *sighz*
  • Draws straighter lines
    He can’t even draw lines properly. Somehow his “drawing” / “writing” and speech is much slower than his motor skills
  • Names several body parts
    Depending on what is several. Things like head, shoulder, knees, toes, eyes, nose, mouth and ear he knows. Think its time to teach him more too.

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