Zai @ 19 Months

I realize that I didn’t post Zai’s development for his 19th month. I guess I was too busy handing over my work and all that I miss out on this. I hope I can still recall if Zai was able to do all these a month ago.

Mastered Skills

  • Can use a spoon and fork
    He has been wanting to feed himself. He is able to deliver the food to his mouth, of course with spillage. But he can’t really scoop using the spoon yet. But we are to be blamed also. Cause we didn’t give him a chance to do it, for fear of him making a mess. But I think its time to let him do it on his own.
  • Can run
    Yup. His favorite activity now. He can even say “Pao Pao Pao Pao Pao” (Chinese for “run”) when he runs. My active boy.
  • Can throw a ball underarm
    Haven’t really see him do that. I know he can throw a ball. But underarm? Hmmm

Emerging Skills

  • Half of speech may be understandable
    Basically he only says mainly nouns. When he wants something he prefer to bring you to the place and point to you rather than say it. Apart from calling people, his other nouns are mainly animals. So I think he doesn’t qualify for this yet. Somehow I feel his speech development is slower.
  • Recognizes when something is wrong (calling a dog a cat)
    Hmm. Didn’t really try this with him before. Maybe we should try it. Mostly we will ask him if it is a dog or a cat and he will answer us.

Advanced Skills

  • Can wash and dry hands and brush teeth with help
    Zai loves to wash his hands. I think more of to play with water. But he does know how to rub his hands together and will ask for soap every time he washes his hands. Cause we use the kirei kirei foam hand wash, I think he enjoys playing with the foam that is why. We have also taught him to dry his hands after that, which he likes doing also, but with little patience. As for brushing teeth, he knows which is his tooth brush, but he can’t really brush yet. We haven’t really taught him. Maybe its time.
  • Can point to the picture of cat or dog when you say the word
    Not only cats and dogs. He is able to recognise Pig, Zebra, Hippo, Elephant, Tiger, Panda, Duck, Kangaroo, Rabbit and other animals. He just have a love for animals. He is also able to recognise some other things like Key, Ball, Apple, Watch. But its time to expand his vocab even more. Time to change the posters?
  • May know when he needs to urinate
    Ah, this is tricky. There were certain times, we “caught” him touching his diapers. And we brought him to the toilet he was able to pee. But its not common that we see him do it. So I guess he doesn’t really know yet.
Mouthful of Apple

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