Babies and Parents

Does babies by default know who are the ones they can bully? Like they know who are their parents and will just make “life” difficult for them?

My mom and MIL both told us that its very easy to coax Zai to sleep. Put him down on bed, pat him and he will fall asleep within minutes. But this never apply to us. Every time when we try to put him on the bed, he will struggle to sit up and do all the funny stuff. Even if you want to carry and pat him to sleep he also wouldn’t allow you. Unless he is damn tired, then he will want you to carry him and he will drift off to sleep. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let us pat him to sleep. But Zai is 20 months already, so I guess he kinda of knew who to bully.

But Loi Loi is barely 1 month! And this was what happened yesterday. Throughout the afternoon she didn’t sleep much. Dunno what is wrong. So I thought she will sleep early in the night. But I was wrong! She had her night feed at about 8:30pm. For the past week, she will just drift off to sleep after the feed. But yesterday she refuse to go to bed. I brought her to toilet to see if she needs to relieve herself. But there was nothing. I carried and coax her for over an hour, and she refuses to sleep. I was on my verge end. Then my bro and my dad came in when they heard her cries (yah, an hour+ later). My bro carried her, and within 5 minutes she fell into slumber land!!! You mean at such a young age she already know who to bully??


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