Book: Eclipse (Twilight Saga)


Its been a long time since I last finish a book. I think has it been a year? I was so caught up in “looking after” Zai that I couldn’t even find time to read. Finally now that I’m in my confinement, and I spend a good (consolidated) few hours everyday in “bed” breastfeeding Loi Loi, that I finally can have sometime to read. Reading is such an enjoyment. I should go back to reading. Plus I have more than 30 books which I have bought and not read yet. Most have turned yellow. Opps.

Anyway back to “Eclipse”. Seriously I don’t know why I’m still reading the Twilight saga. I never really enjoyed the series. Too lengthy. Always beating about the bush and all. I guess I just read for the sake of reading it since I have already bought it.

As expected, she has not turned into a vampire yet by the end of the book. Its just another round of “protection” from her two “lovers”. Its draggy and not much twist. So I’m gonna take a break from the saga again and go read other books. 😛


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