I realize with a shock that I have been blogging for 7 years already. My first blog post was on 30 Oct 2004. Time flies.

I have shifted my blog from blogspot, to vox and finally settling here at wordpress. But I’m glad I was able to import all the posts from the previous place to the new location each time. Cause they were really precious memories of mine.

My blogging have gone through ups and down. In the beginning I was quite into blogging, so there are regular posts. As time went by, the number of posts dropped. I also have less things to write. There was a time I rather update my status in Facebook then to write down what happen. However, after a while I realize that its actually difficult to track and review the status in Facebook, so I came back to writing blog.

In the past, I wrote about my day to day events. Some of my random thoughts, the concerts and plays I attended. The movies I watched, the books I read and drama series I followed. My blog has also saw me through my wedding, the birth of Zai Zai, the moving to our new place and recently the birth of Loi Loi. Nowadays, I blogged more about Zai Zai. Cause he is the center of my life now. Because of him, I have lesser time for myself, Chubby and my friends. Is it good? I’m not so sure. But I think I need to “find” more time. To spend with friends and also with Chubby. But with the arrival of Loi Loi, can I still do it? There is so many things in my plate, but I have so little time.

I also have the habit of re-reading my blog posts. Last time I used to re-read the whole year event at the end of the year. Nowadays, I will re-read the year before post for that month. So I can “recall” what happened a year ago. The good and the bad. I hope I can continue blogging, whether or not anybody is reading it. Cause, its really a place where I can jot down the things that happened.



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