Grandparents and the little ones

Chubby told me once before that as parents we need to be the one teaching our kids. Cause, grandparents will just spoil them. I can only agree.

This few weeks I’m back at my parents place for my confinement. Naturally, Loi Loi is with me. Everyday when my dad comes back from work and Loi Loi is not sleeping, my dad will actually spend some time lying beside her and talk to her. And when she cries, he will actually carry her in his arms. Seriously, I don’t remember my dad being so “caring” when we were young.

I mean especially when its the father of our era. They tend to be the fierce and strict character in the house. So when I see my dad doing this, I can’t help but feel that Loi Loi is very fortunate. I have wanted to secretly take a pic of that, but never have the chance.

Any case, I thank god for my parents! 🙂


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