Maternity Leave

Woo Hoo… I just finish sorting out the photos in my laptop. And they go way back to Feb this year. Hahaha. I have been procrastinating for too long. Anyway I plan a list of things I intend to complete during my maternity leave. And sorting the photos is one of them. The rest I probably have to wait till my confinement is over and when Zai goes to school. With him around its really difficult to get things done.

  • Sort out the photos
  • Repack babies clothes
    Now that Loi Loi sex is known, I need to take out only those clothes that is suitable for her. And also keep some of Zai clothes that he seldom or no longer wear. There are also some new clothes stash somewhere which I need to bring it to wash and see if Zai can wear them for CNY.
  • Declutter my wardrobe
    I have a stack of new clothes chunk in my wardrobe. I need to dig them out and wash them. Keep my maternity clothes and also throw away some clothes that I would no longer wear. I also need to throw away all the face masks that have expired and pack my face products accordingly.
  • Organize and pack the storage under our bed
    Probably need to get some boxes from Ikea so I can stack everything nicely and label them.
  • Declutter our room
    The billy book case needs packing. I need to throw away more things and see if the book case is still needed there. And also the stuff on the divider in our room. *shake head*
  • Declutter the house
    If time permits I probably will want to declutter other parts of the house too. I cannot stand the things on the divider and on top of the wine cabinet, need to find some place to put them. But my MIL likes to put some stuff there. I hope I can find a way to hint her from putting things there.  Will also like to pack the shelf in the dining area, so as to make way for my milk bottles, food warmer and sterilizer. I wonder where to chunk the fan that sits there now? And yah, the dining table is also getting a bit out of hand. Will need to throw away those food that we don’t eat. But I wonder what will my MIL say when I’m doing such things?
  • Oh and study for my PMP. How could I forget.
  • Do up my blog. I mean have my own banner and throw in some of my design? (I realize I can’t do it unless I pay money to upgrade my blog. Okie one more thing done. :P)
I wonder how many will I be able to complete? I will also probably need to make a trip to Daiso and Ikea to get some storage boxes.

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