The Birth of Loi Loi

I didn’t tweet or FB my status when I was in labor. Cause I didn’t want to get everybody excited. Although I did ask Chubby to inform my mum so she can prepare her leave. And he went on to inform my Sis too, who updated her FB status. So did Chubby who posted a photo to indicate I was in labor. Okie, I’m going out of point. What I wanted to say is, because I didn’t tweet or update my FB status, the timing here is not 100% accurate. Although I did post up some private post in my blog. So here it goes.


We brought Zai to Chubby’s grandma place to let him foster some bond with his great-grandmother. We had our dinner there and invited his aunt and cousin over to our place after that, since his cousin haven’t really been to our place before. And I was also helping his cousin fix her computer so that she can upgrade her iPhone to iOS5.

10 pm
By this time, I have already finish fixing his cousin computer. And his aunt and cousin left short after. Chubby came out of our room after “tucking” Zai to bed. During this period, I felt some contraction. I put it off as I have been feeling contractions for the past week. Chubby and I proceed to watch some videos before we retire to bed. During the show, I feel contractions on and off. And some were more painful than what I normally feel.


1+ am
I feel stronger contractions. And the pain was quite severe that I feel the pain travel from my womb to my back. I start to wonder is it because of the epidural that I took during Zai’s birth that is causing my back to have such a pain. I told Chubby about it. He couldn’t sleep for fear that I’m going to labor. I told him no. He should grab some rest cause it might be some false alarm. Like what happen the last time, where I had contractions for the whole night and it stopped the next day. Besides, I told him I will need sometime to time myself, so I won’t be going to the hospital so soon. And if I’m really in labor, he will need the energy to send me to hospital and see me through, so its better for him to grab some rest now.

Starting from then, I timed the timing for the contractions. It ranges from an interval of 8 minutes to 10 minutes. Some pain were stronger and some were lesser. But they were rather constant. But still I put it off, cause like I mention previously, the last time I also have contractions throughout the night but it stopped when its close to the morning. I tried to grab some sleep but the pain is killing me.

3+ am
I woke up and started playing with my iPhone. Cause I couldn’t really sleep. And I remembered the last time when I started doing somethings, the contraction actually went away. So I was secretly praying that this would help and the contraction would go away. But it didn’t.

4+ am
I tried going back to sleep. I actually was able to “fall” asleep in between the contractions. I guess I was really tired. Although each time the sleep is less than 10 minutes.

5+ am
The pain is getting on my nerve. I secretly hoped that I was in labor so I can take epidural and the pain will go away. But my logical thinking is telling me this might all just be some false signs. I started talking to my baby. And told her if it is a real labor, please break the water bag. She obviously ignored me.

6 am
I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. I was also worried that the pain has lasted the whole night, whether baby is in distress. So I told myself maybe I should go take a bath and wake Chubby up if the contractions persisted. Besides, if I delay any longer, we might meet the heavy morning traffic. So “up” I got and packed in the remaining stuff that I have yet to pack into my hospital bag (this is how unprepared I am). I ate some biscuits as I was feeling hungry already and took a shower. I was again secretly hoping that the pain will go away after the shower.

It was less painful during the shower, but the contractions remain constant. I got dressed and all prepared and I woke Chubby up. Telling him that the contractions were constant and maybe we should just go to the hospital to check. But like me, he also feels that this is some false alarm again. So he was asking if I could wait till the morning traffic is over. I was quite tempted with the idea, but again the pain is making me real uncomfortable. But in the end Chubby make the decision himself and decides to get up.

7:45 am
We reached the hospital, and we are still “arguing” which is the lift nearest to the delivery suite. The other time when my gynae asked, Chubby was still so confident in telling him that he remembers. But when he pointed the direction to me, I feel that it is wrong. Luckily there was a security guard who saw us and pointed the correct direction to us. And it proves that I was right. So up we go to the delivery suite.

As usual, they will ask what is the symptom. So I told them there was contractions. They took my weight and brought me to the delivery suite. Its delivery suite 3 again. The same delivery suite as Zai.

I was asked to change into the hospital gown and to test my urine. When all is done, they put strap on the monitor. Till this moment, we both still feel that this is going to be a false alarm again. The staff nurse saw my contraction reading and did a check on my dilation. I was 3 cm dilated! So she confirmed that I’m in labor. We were both very surprise.

Then as usual, they gave the soapy water for me to clear my bowels and asked if I want to take epidural. I thought for a split second and say yes. Cause I welcome the thought of relieving my pain. 😛 So I was left to empty my bowel while they get prepared.

9+ am
The anesthecian came and started to administer the epidural on me. Either I was not tired enough or I have got use to the pain. Cause I actually wasn’t able to lie properly for him to inject. I jerk every time he touches my back. Which makes things difficult for him. As a result, I got scolded by him and the mid-wife *sulk* and got “poke” twice. I seriously don’t remember having such problems the last time I had my epidural.

Relieve came over me when its over. I can still feel the contraction somehow, but its no longer painful like before. I feel this epidural is very different from the previous time. Previously I couldn’t feel anything. Even if the contraction is coming, I don’t have much feeling. But this time, I can feel the contraction although its not painful. And maybe that is why the delivery is more smooth.

The first thing I said to Chubby after the epidural is that “I want to be man in my next life. If there is a next life”. 😛

10:03 am
I had my breakfast. I was worried that I will be taking epidural in the morning that I didn’t have any food, except for the biscuit in the early morning. So I requested for food and my gynae actually allow me to have food only after my epidural. So finally I can have some food intake!

12 pm
The mid-wife came to measure, 7 cm dilated. Hope the last 3 cm will be fast unlike that last time. Where I took 2 hours to dilate 1 cm.

12:53 pm
Still waiting. Hope this time round the wait will be shorter. Zai took 15 hours from water bag burst to her birth, how long will this delivery take?

1:09 pm
The water bag burst. Chubby notified the mid-wife who came in and measure my cervix. Still 7cm only. More waiting to come. I told Chubby to quickly have lunch before I really want to deliver.

2:16 pm
I pooed on the bed. I felt bad, but I wasn’t able to control, especially when I had epidural. I informed the nurse to come clean up. She helped and told me that this means that I’m continue to dilate. So I guess its normal. She measure my cervix and I’m 9 cm dilated.

2:30 pm
I felt the urge to push already. I told Chubby and informed the nurse. She called for my gynae and start the remaining of the preparation. She set up the bed and told me try pushing. This is my stress part because I did badly the last time. Chubby had to keep reminding me that its just like passing motion. At this point, my epidural has also just finished. And like I mention previously, I can actually feel the contraction and urge to push. So I did the push and I think its really successful. Cause Chubby says he can actually “see” me pushing and the midwife also say I’m good. But I was told to stop. Cause I need to wait for the gynae to come. Who will reach in 30 minutes. *faint*

3:15 pm
Finally the gynae is here. In between, whenever the contraction come I have an urge to push. So I was so relieve to finally seeing my gynae. He wore his gown and sat down. When the next wave of contraction came, I was told to push. I did. And seeing the contraction isn’t over yet, I was told to take another breath and push again. And I did the third time as I was told. And quite suddenly, I feel the baby “come” out. I was surprise cause it was so fast and easy. Unlike the first time where I feel I’m going to to be ripped open down there.

So in one wave of contraction and using just 3 push, Loi Loi is out. As usual they will place it on me before cleaning up. The first thing I look was at her face, then the next was her sex organ. Ha. Chubby didn’t even notice her sex. Guess he too was shock that it came so fast. Until the mid-wife wants to carry her away did she mention that its a princess. And Chubby then check out her sex. Hahaha. I guess we both are very surprise that its a She.

After this is the usual cleaning and measurement. I was really hungry then since I didn’t finish my breakfast and didn’t have lunch. I was given a hot drink, but I puked it all out. I guess its the epidural. The side effects of it. So I didn’t have food until dinner, by then I was famish.

This delivery was much smoother and cleaner. There was less blood and less pain. Unlike the first time, where my first reaction was “I don’t want to give birth anymore”.

Does this mean I will have 3rd baby. Unlikely but not impossible. I guess the pregnancy stage is the one that is putting me off. Plus age catching up, its really not easy. And I also don’t know how to “share” my love between the two kids let alone 3. But they always say, 2 is difficult but when it is the 3rd one, it gets easier cause you are use to multiples. Really?


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