Pregnant with Loi Loi

The Pregnancy

Many of my friends know that I didn’t announce I was pregnant with Zai until they saw my big tummy. And that was when I was approaching 3rd trimester. I kinda of regret I never blogged much about my pregnancy then. So I told myself when I’m pregnant again, I will gladly announce to my friends and blog about the pregnancy. But I never really did.

More friends know I’m pregnant this time. Cause I told them. Basically the closer ones. The reason why I didn’t was almost exactly the same as to why I didn’t announce when I was pregnant with Zai. Cause my first trimester was difficult.

Like Zai I was puking day and night during my 1st trimester. But I think its slightly better than Zai in that I can eat better and puke lesser. I lost about 3 kilos during the first few weeks. To a stage that my gynae is considering sending me to hospital and putting me on drip if I continue to lose weight. But luckily, my appetite turn for the better when I was in Taiwan. Somehow, the morning sickness stop when I was there. I think the relaxation help.

But I was constantly tired. I can sleep at 9pm, but still feel very tired the next day at work. I remember I literally slept the morning away when I was in office. Luckily (or Unluckily) there wasn’t much work to do at that time. Project was in a lull state. So I took a number of MCs just to rest at home. And I remember there was one weekend that I literally stayed in bed the whole day. My relationship with Zai suffered cause I couldn’t play with him.

After the 1st Trimester, the morning sickness did not go away. That I was prepared for, since I had the same thing with Zai. I was still tired but I don’t need to lie in bed the whole day. I started to be able to play with Zai again. And later on I realize that somehow the pill my gynae gave for me to suppress the puke is making me drowsy. And it doesn’t really stop me from puking. So I stopped eating the pills and things got better. I manage to stay awake at work.

Then into the 5th month, was the usual sugar test my gynae do. I was told that my blood doesn’t have sugar but traces are found in my urine. So I need to cut down on my sugar intake. Oh man, it was a difficult time. Cause I was constantly craving for Chocs, Ice-Cream and desserts. And it was also the durian season! I was a good girl for the first few weeks. I really didn’t touch the chocs or the magnum that was lying in my fridge. But after going back to my gynae for my regular checkup and notice that the usual urine test we do does not have any unusual result, I gave in to my craving. But still I controlled the intake.

And during my last trimester, my gynae also mention that there is a sudden surge in my weight. So I need to be careful as well. In case baby gets too big. So again I ate lesser and stayed away from durians! (I was glad that I was able to eat durian during this pregnancy. The last time I was pregnant with Zai I simply eat and puke out all the durians) And luckily my weight didn’t increase significantly after that.

Come the last month, I decide to let all hell break loose. Cause I have a feeling that I will give birth early. Although the EDD is end of the Oct, I kinda feel that my baby will arrive early. Cause my tummy was really big and low already. Loi Loi has already turned to face down in week 30. And 2 weeks later she is already in engage position. Everybody is asking when I’m giving birth, cause they feel that I’m like going to give birth anytime. (I was a little worried she will arrive early and I can’t carry her to full term.) Anyway, I started eating McFlurry, cause I know I can’t eat them during my confinement. And all the food that I am not allowed during my confinement goes into my tummy at this stage. Hahahaha. I’m glad I did it early. Cause Loi Loi really come 2 weeks before her EDD.

Baby Sex

Oh a thing to mention is we never scan for Loi Loi sex during the pregnancy. I didn’t want to know, though Chubby was quite tempted to ask. We did ask the gynae before if he can scan and tell Chubby about it, but the gynae says if I don’t want to know he won’t scan at all. So everybody including himself wouldn’t know and there wouldn’t be an accidental slip of tongue. Hahaha. I like that. But everybody else is so curious about her sex. My MIL always ask me what is her sex everytime when we come back from checkups. Time and again we will tell her we didn’t scan. But she didn’t give up asking.

Anyway when most people asked me about her sex during my pregnancy, I would tell them I didn’t scan for it. Their first reaction would be to ask why. Then the next they will start guessing. 90% of the people thinks she is a boy. Cause my tummy was really “sharp”.

For me, my initial instinct told me she is a girl. Cause there are some slight differences between this pregnancy and Zai’s pregnancy. For Zai, the morning sickness was regular. Always in the morning and at night, or after a meal and I have to take a ride home. For Loi Loi, its quite random. Sometime in the middle of nothing I can feel like puking. Just like how girls behave, more random. 😛 For Zai I always crave for coke. But this time, I actually prefer 100 plus and find coke a tad too sweet. But for other sweet stuff I can’t eat when I had Zai. I will puke them out. Be it chocs or cakes. But for this, I was actually craving for the sweet stuff. So I thought maybe this will be a girl.

But as time passes. I see how “sharp” my tummy gets, and I see that the differences are actually quite minimal, I sort of convince myself that it will be a boy. I actually comforted myself in that at least Zai will have a playmate. Cause, he now only have 2 female cousins. It will be good if there is another boy to play with him, before he becomes more girly. 😛 So I was actually prepared for a boy. But it turn out otherwise.

The Stress

During the last month of my pregnancy I actually got quite stressed. Mainly because of all the bad news I heard about friends who lost their babies at birth. I was quite scared. And also maybe the previous time, I really don’t know what to expect so I didn’t have much fear. But after going through it once, I kinda of more afraid then the first time. And remembering the pain that I had is adding fuel to fire.

Plus, the fact that my tummy is so huge and low, I was really afraid that baby will come out pre-mature. So I decides to walk less so as not to aggravate it. The month before I was still taking the stairs down from my office as a form of exercise and hope it helps me in my labor. But I stopped doing that too.

I also did a lot of pelvic floor exercise. Cause I always feel that baby is pressing down. I dunno if it will help in delaying her birth, but I just do cause there is really no harm. I”m not sure if that is the reason why this delivery was smoother. More about it in the next post.


All in all, I’m glad that all went well. In fact I heaved a sign of relief when baby pass the 37 weeks mark. The Friday before her birth, which is also my last working day (I planned my leave from the following weeks onwards), I was still telling Chubby that maybe my water bag will burst on Sunday night and I will give birth on Monday morning. Cause its cheaper when its a weekday. Besides, Chubby has got class on Wednesday and Thursday, so he can’t take leave or it will be really troublesome to cancel class the last minute. So Monday is a good time, cause by Wednesday I will discharge, so he can go back to work. Who knows, Loi Loi really understands and did just that. More details of her birth in the next post. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pregnant with Loi Loi

  1. 女兒還是more貼心hor…. know to think for papa and mama. =p

    I can’t wait to see her again… After your confinement i go your house to see her again. =D

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