I’m a little emotional today. I hope it will all go away soon.

I’m doing confinement at my mom’s place, because my MIL feels she can’t handle both Zai and my confinement. I agree it’s tough with my active boy. This means I’m literally “confined” and can’t see my “boys” everyday. I miss them badly…

My Boys

Chubby brought Zai here over the weekend. It was total chaos on Saturday. Zai was everywhere and messing up my mum’s place. He wanted my attention too. But Loi Loi is feeding too frequently for me to spend much time with him. I feel bad and misses him dearly.

Chubby brought him out on Sunday when he sees we can’t handle. I get to enjoy more peace and rest. But I misses them both. Woman is hard to please.

When they leave in the evening, I was on the verge of tearing as I send them to the door.

Loi Loi has been a rather good girl. Sleeping and waking up only for milk. But it doesn’t help that she hadn’t poo since we discharge from hospital on Wednesday. I suspect my diet is too heaty as a result, it got pass on to my breast milk for Loi Loi. So I had an argument with my mom over this. I know she does everything for my own good and I don’t wish for her to be so tired too. I love her dearly.

"Pan-Kissing" to Po-Po?

Come Tuesday my MIL will be going for her cataract op. Zai will be over for a few days. I welcome the thought of seeing him but is stress if we can handle…

As I lie on my bed typing all these at 3am, I’m also bf-ing Loi Loi. I hope all these negative emotions don’t get pass to her. I hope she will be a happy baby like her bro. I need to stay happy and positive! For all our good. I need to watch some comedy! Or listen to Chubby’s crap!



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