Liar Liar 2

This happen in the morning just before we leave the house for work. Zai was playing around again in the house. From the wok cover, to other utensils he can lay his little hands on. And finally he found the rice “container”. And start opening it and playing with the rice inside. Chubby tried to stop him, but was a little late, there was some rice spilled onto the floor.

Minutes later, he was back to the area and trying to play with the rice again. I told him off and ask him not to play with the rice. I then pointed to the rice on the floor and asked him who didn’t behave and spilled the rice on the floor. Loud and clear came the reply of “Ba-Ba”. Hahahhaa… now its chubby’s turn.

On a serious note, I don’t think Zai meant to lie (I hope not). Just that he is pretending. But I think we need to correct him the next time such things happen again.


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