Treating Fever

It was a long “night” yesterday. I didn’t get to climb into bed until 3am this morning. And I didn’t sleep well, cause I have to keep on checking on Zai, who is sleeping between us. And as the title suggest, he was down with fever.

It started last Sunday. He woke up with a dry cough after an afternoon nap. Chubby is wondering is it the honey lemon that he gave him while we were out in the afternoon. But the dry cough doesn’t really sound serious, he just cough on and off. My MIL fed him Chinese medication on Monday, he seems to be recovering so we didn’t feed him again before he sleep. But who knows he woke up in the middle of the night coughing, but it sounds like he has phlegm which he doesn’t know how to spit out. So I think my MIL gave him some cough medication from the last time which helps remove phlegm. But again, he woke up in the middle of the night coughing.

Yesterday morning, we realize that he is running a fever. So we told my MIL to take note and to feed him paracetamol should his temperature doesn’t go down. When we reach home in the evening, my MIL says that he have very low appetite and doesn’t want to drink water. She make some Chinese barley drink for him, which he drank. And he already have 2 doses of paracetamol, but he is still running a fever.

I played with him and he still seems okie. So I wasn’t so worried at first. But after a while, I realize his body is still quite hot. I wanted to sponge him, but he refuse to let me do it. Throwing away my towel everytime I put it on him. No choice we took off all his clothes and give him a wipe. But the temperature still didn’t go down. Hovering at 38.6 degree. At around 6+pm I realize he was a bit lethargic and actually ran to a mattress to lie down. However, he flipped and flipped but couldn’t go to sleep. So we decide to give him another does of paracetamol as we see the temperature rising again. And make him some milk since he has no appetite for food. He only drank 100ml and refuse to drink more. His lips were already quite red.

We tried making him sleep, but he just lie on the bed and couldn’t really fall asleep. After a while, he woke up and started playing again. Until around 9pm, which is his normal bedtime, we give him another wipe and changed his diapers. We made milk again, but he refuses to drink and just fall asleep almost immediately. When he is asleep I tried sponging him. The temperature went down a little but is still 38+. I sponge for a while and feel his head is not so hot anymore, so I myself fell asleep. 😛 Then at around 11pm, he woke up crying. Chubby came in and feel that his body was very hot, took the temperature and it was 39.2 degrees. We dare not feed paracetamol again, as the bottle says we should exceed 4 times within 24 hours. So we decide to make a trip to KK.

We reached KK at 11:30pm, register with the nurse and Zai was given a does of paracetamol. And the waiting start. Our queue number was 0405, and there are like 100 people in front of us? I think there is a very serious virus going around. In between the wait, we fed Zai some fruits which my MIL bought from the vending machine and finally Zai is willing to drink some water. I think he is hungry. But he still refuses the bread that we give him. We see that his lips color is not so red after a while and we also brought him to walk around trying to find the 7-11 as the adults are hungry. We also manage to feed him some milk which he drank to our delight. And we also realize that he starts to sweat, which I think is great cause I always feel that you will recover after sweating. Anyway, by the time its our turn its around 2am, Zai fever has gone down.

So the doctor just give Zai a routine check and issue us with more paracetamol and ibrofen in case the temperature shoots up again. There was also a gel for his throat. When I collected the medication, I realize that we didn’t give enough dosage of paracetamol to Zai during the evening. We are still basing on his old weight, this is probably the reason why his temperature didn’t go down.

Now to the topic of treating fever. I remember my mom’s method of treating fever when we were young is to cover us up and make us sweat. Cause once you sweat, somehow you will feel better and temperature will go down. Even now as adult, I always feel better if I sweat it out. Which is why by the time I manage to walk to a GP, my illness is half gone. But we all know that over wrapping can actually cause the temperature to rise even higher. So the approach that my MIL, Chubby and I take is always to keep him cool. But it didn’t seem to work this time. But it could also be because we didn’t feed enough paracetamol. So I’m confuse. What is the real method to help bring fever down?


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