Zai Reading in Sept 2011

This month I borrowed 12 books for Zai. Left 4 at home and put the rest in the car for him to read while on the move in the day time.

Charlie and Lola Opposites

I didn’t know Charlie and Lola is on CBeeBies until I downloaded the iPhone app. Zai enjoyed the Charlie and Lola video in the app, but somehow he didn’t like the book. I guess its a concept too new to him. Afterall, we only taught him the animals and the daily stuff. Concepts like “same” and “different”, “many” and “few” is difficult for him. But I think I will still continue to borrow such books to try and promote his interest in them and also to teach him more things.




As the title indicates, this book teaches the concept about colors. Showing different objects in the different color page. I personally feel that it is difficult to teach color, but I have to expose Zai to more such books cause I think he still doesn’t really grasp the idea about colors yet. He can recognize the objects, but trying to explain to him what is the color seems difficult. Who can help me on this?

Flaptastic Farm

Animals is Zai’s all time favorite now. But surprisingly, he didn’t like this book in the beginning. He picks it up, take a peek and throw it aside while he picks up other books. But I preserve on and flip the pages for him. And tries to make the book sound interesting. Actually the book is quite nice. It has the farm animals and also the “sound” that they make. Apart from animals, there is also the “tractor”. Somehow Zai likes the “tractor” maybe because of the “brmm brmm” sound it make. There are pages for him to flip and the animals or objects hidden under the flaps are related to the animal / object in the main page. Like it shows the hen and cockerel under the flap of the “chicks” page.

My First Body

This book does more than just label the body parts, which only takes up the first few pages. It also shows the usage of the body parts and expressions. Not one of Zai’s favorite though.

Peekaboo Puppy

Well, this is his favorite from all the books I borrowed this time. Basically it only teaches 4 kinds of animals. Puppies, Piglets, Ducklings and Lamb. Maybe because he is familiar with all the animals and there is a small “peek-a-boo” hole for him to flip the pages, that is why Zai prefers this book. But I will try to explain to him that these are baby pigs and baby dogs, which is why they are known as “Piglets” and “Puppies”. But I wonder if it gets it.

Usborne Beach

Probably because Zai enjoys the beach and we recently brought him there, so he likes this book too. This book basically shows the objects you can find at the beach. From buckets, sand, crabs to drinks, hotdog, etc. There is a wide range. What surprises me is that when Zai sees the “sandwich” picture, he actually told me “bread”. I guess he can’t read yet, but he is able to recognize how a “bread” looks like. I told him that sandwiches are made from bread and contains “fillings”.

What Does Baby Do

This is a lift the flap book. Basically, it shows what will the baby do when a certain event happen. Example, when baby sees “Daddy going to work”, after lifting the flap, it will show baby waving goodbye to Daddy.

Wheres the Cat

In this book, you have to find the cat hidden in the color pages. And the cat’s location will be revealed in the next page. It teaches the concept of under, over, inside etc. But I think its kinda of difficult for Zai’s age. But my niece who is 3 this year, enjoys the book. She have some fun trying to “find” the cat.


A book that introduces day to day items. But at the same time teaches some simple concepts like what can be eaten, what can be found in the sky etc. Its good book to introduce the different concepts to Zai, since he can identify with some of the items, but I’m not sure how much he really understands.


Apart from lifting the small flap in the book, Zai doesn’t really “read” this book. I guess I just have to generate more interest in him for Chinese book. I thought the animals will interest him, but apparently I’m wrong.


I feel this is a really good book. Cause it teaches the different body parts in Chinese as well as concept such as inside, under, etc in Chinese. This is the only Chinese book that Zai will spend some time looking at it. Maybe again, its because of the body parts that he is familiar with and the lifting of the flap. When I read this book to him, it will be in Chinese and I will point out the keywords (which is already highlighted in a different color) to him. Hopefully, he did catch something.

I’m glad that Zai loves reading to some extent. But I start to worry about his development in Chinese. It appears that he doesn’t enjoy the Chinese books as much. Maybe because of my selection. I guess I have to put in more effort in that area and remind myself to talk to him in Chinese as much as possible.


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