Steve Jobs

Today FB status are flooded by the news of his death. I’m not a fan of Apple. The only Apple product I have is my iPhone, so I couldn’t say much about his death like all the ardent fans. But I must say I have been inspired by his speech.

I have very little impression of him since I’m not a fan. Its only last year, when I attended a course and they played the video of him giving a speech in one of the commencement of Stanford, that I am very impress by him. His speech was very inspiring. (You can find it on YouTube if you want) That’s where I start to know more about him.

Of course, you cannot deny how his invention of personal computer, iPod and subsequently iPhone have changed our life. For one, I think I can’t survive without my iPhone now. Especially if I need to travel or have some spare time on hand.

He is a great man. He had lead a great life. He will be remembered.


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