Easy Boy

Sometime ago, one of my colleague actually asked me if my boy is easy to “handle”. I reflected back and realize that I was quite bless till date with a rather easy boy. For a first time parents, I think Zai has been a wonderful boy.

When Zai was in his infancy stage, he has no problem latching on to me for breast feeding. I have known of mummies who gave up breast feeding because their babies can’t latch well. The breast feeding journey is not easy, but I’m glad I manage to last through a considerable period of time.

Zai is also not a cry baby. He doesn’t cry much even during his infancy stage. And even if he did cry, it wasn’t loud hailing. Which I’m really glad. I’m quite scared of babies that cries super loud. When he was younger and can’t express himself, he only cries when he is hungry. And that was in the first 2 weeks of his life as we are still trying to understand his feeding pattern and didn’t realize that we should feed on demand. He doesn’t cry when his diaper is soiled. He can just continued to sleep in wet nappies or soiled diaper. Haha. Dirty but its a blessing, cause we don’t have to keep making him go back to sleep.

The only difficult time when he was younger was trying to let him know about day and night. When he was one week old, he refuse to go to sleep at night and will only fall asleep like 3am in the morning. But he sleeps well in the day. So that period we have to carry him around and try to make him sleep. And mostly I ended up nursing him to sleep, which is bad. But luckily he soon get use to the normal hours and fall asleep soon. Now in his todds, he sleeps at 9+pm and wakes up at 7+am. Which I think is good for him, cause we will have lesser problem when he start schools in December.

Zai is also not a light sleeper. Which is good. This means when he fall asleep, you can move him from one place to another without fearing that he will wake up. I remember he continue to sleep at one of the birthday celebration in a restaurant with Chubby’s relative singing KTV loudly in the background. And like yesterday night when there is a thunderstorm outside, he continues to sleep, oblivious of the thunder sound. We are the one who jump out of bed sleeping beside him afraid that he will wake up crying.

At the present stage, Zai is not clingy in the day. When he was younger, he could stay with anyone. I have even left him with my mum for a night when we spring clean the house at the beginning of the year. Now he tends to be more clingy at night. But if my MIL or SIL is at home, he is still able to go to bed with them. This is wonderful cause this means, we can sometimes meet our friends till a later time. And during the day, he can be with most people, even Chubby’s auntie. He knows we need to go to work and is more acceptable that we are not in. But will hope to see us at night. I heard from my MIL that he was looking for me last night when we reach home slightly later than usual. I just hope he will be able to adapt to school well when December comes.

Zai is not a fussy eater. He is a little picky, in that there is some food he don’t like. When he doesn’t like it, he will refuse to open his mouth or spit out the food. But most of the time he is okie. And its not difficult to feed him. But you have to be fast as he is not so patient in sitting down for too long. But of course there are days where he just doesn’t want to eat. Sometimes because he is sick or teething. Or just not behaving. And recently he wants to feed himself, which can be a little tiring as he can’t pick up the food properly and refuse to let us help him. We need the patience to let him try and guide him.

Zai is also not afraid of “strangers”. He can wave and say bye bye to people he meet on the street, especially kids. He also allow relatives whom he doesn’t see that often to carry him. Especially if they bring him and walk around. So I get to have a break from “looking after” him when there are people around. 😛

But having say all that, Zai also have his difficult parts. He is quite active. He can run around the house and find all the dangerous stuff to play with. Like the bamboo poles, the broom, etc. And he can climb up the chairs and sofa. So I have to watch over him most of the time to ensure that he doesn’t do anything dangerous. This means he can’t play alone by himself, unlike my nieces who is more on a self run mode. He also cannot sit down for long, unless there is some entertainment for him. This makes travelling on the road a headache. I have to keep entertaining him. He don’t like to sit on strollers anymore. Dinner outside is also a problem, cause when he is fed, he wants to get out of his baby chair. So we have to stagger our eating so that one of us is eating and the other is feeding him. So when he is done, one of us would have finish eating and can take care of him. But this is more difficult in a Chinese restaurant where they serve by the dishes. But thank god for the creation of iPhone apps. Erm, don’t ask me how we are going to handle next time when we have two kids. I hope by then Zai will out grow all these and is able to feed himself.

And he can get quite stubborn. When we tell him not to do certain things, he will still insist on doing it. Sometimes I wonder is it because he feels that seeing us telling him off is fun. Cause sometime when he does what he wasn’t suppose to do and we come chasing him, he will laugh and run off. I think we are not stern enough.

So I guess, my boy is really not difficult to handle. I just hope he will remain jovial and easy to handle in the days ahead.


2 thoughts on “Easy Boy

  1. Our boys are so alike! Mine also doesn’t cry much when he was younger, usually only when he’s hungry. Thankfully, he also isn’t a fussy eater. But becoz I’m a WAHM, he’s quite clingy to me, especially at night. No one else can put him to sleep except me. I think I should try hanging out late past his bedtime one of these days and see if he goes to bed without me around at home. Btw, are you sending your son to playgroup or childcare, since you mentioned about starting school in Dec. I’m still a bit lost about what to do in this area.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Yah they are so alike. When I read your blog, you boy also remind me of my boy.

      Yup, I’m sending my boy to a child care in December. Its the caterpillacove (http://www.thecaterpillarscove.com.sg/) which is situated in Ngee Ann Poly. My hubby works there, so its easier.

      Different people have different views about childcare. Some feel that they should delay sending childcare as much as possible. As kids tend to fall sick easily when they are there. Not to mention about HFMD.

      But for us, we believe in the Childcare system since we are both working. Cause there will be fixed curriculum which will teach some independence to our boy. Better than let him watch TV throughout the day (erm like what my son is doing now under my MIL care). And most of my mummy friends agree that their kids learn more when they are in Childcare.

      Most popular childcare have long waiting list. So if you intend to send your boy to one, you might have to scout asap, otherwise there could be a long wait. I think you may ask around or search online forums for reviews of the childcare. Some popular ones are Montessori (although I have heard mix reviews about them) and also Kinderland. And if you intend to have a second kid, you might want to send him before the 2nd baby is born. So that he doesn’t feel you “abandoning” him because of the new baby.

      In any case, you can still send him to some playgroup first, so at least he gets to learn something for 2 hours a day and you get to have some free time. Hahaha.. 😛

      Hope that helps.

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