Disciplining Zai

This happen on one of the nights last week. Zai was not behaving himself that day. Zai has the habit of stepping on things. Like his toys, books, etc. I have told him many times that he shouldn’t do that, but I fail to really teach him. That night he was stepping on his drum. And his whole weight was already on it. Chubby who was in the living room with him told him off and brought him down. But I think he insisted on doing it again. So Chubby hit his legs with his palm. Zai cried a little and went off to play something else.

Minutes later, Zai was back to his toys area. This time, I was the one with him in the living room. He tried stepping onto the drum again. I told him no and carry him off. But he went on top again. I told Zai that Daddy will beat him if he continue. He doesn’t heed my advice. Chubby heard me, came over with the cane and gave him a light smack on his leg with the cane. He cried harder this time, maybe because I was there. And Zai came to me wanting me to carry and pacify him. But I told him no, cause he is the one misbehaving.

Hearing the commotion, my MIL came out of her room. And Zai immediately turn towards her and continue to cry. She carried him and told him to stop crying and apologize. But stubborn Zai refuse. So Chubby went to my MIL took Zai over and brought him into our room to give him a lecture. I stayed outside and wait. 5 minutes later, my MIL again came out of the room and asked me if Zai has stopped crying. I told her I’m not sure as I didn’t go in. But from the outside there is no sound of him crying anymore. My MIL then went to take a peek. And she peek not once but twice. I think the 2nd time Zai spotted her and started crying again. And it got louder. So Chubby actually told my MIL to go out and let him settle.

Zai continued to cry loudly for sometime. Until when finally Chubby brought him out of the room, he is still catching his breath from the crying. It really pain our hearts to hear him cry like that. But I know Chubby is right. We need to discipline him before he gets out of hand. I think I’m just too soft for him.

Yesterday night, Zai was not behaving again. This time, he is stepping on his magnetic board. I told him to come down but he refuse again. And Chubby walked over with the cane and he came down. I think he still remembers the incident which is good. But minutes later, Zai keep asking me to bring him out to play bubbles. But I told him no, since we have already played with it in the afternoon. Its about time he go to bed. But he keeps dragging me to the door. I let go of him and went to do other stuff. I think Zai was about to throw a tantrum, then Chubby walked to him and told him sternly a NO. I think it scare him a little so he came running to me. But I refuse to let him take refuge, cause I know its really not easy for Chubby also.

I know its bad to always let Chubby play the bad guy. But Zai really need discipline and I don’t know how I can do it. I just hope Zai will learn and love both of us still. Teaching kids is really not easy.


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