To the Beach

We brought the kids to the beach again last Saturday. Its Zai 2nd trip to the beach. This time we were more well prepared. We brought the toys for building sand castle, a chair for Renee who is so scared of the waters and sand, and even bubbles. But we didn’t get a chance to play with the bubbles. The kids are too busy playing with the sand. But still there was something which I didn’t bring. It was Zai’s swimming “costume”. I actually did ask Chubby before we left home if the swimming costume is necessary, he said no, so I didn’t bring. Who knows…

It started off fine. As you can see Zai in his romper, playing with the sand, while Vaness has changed into her bee swimming costume.

Zai still in his romper

Less than 10 minutes later, my excited boy ran towards the sea and fell right into waters and was completely drenched. We were afraid that he might catch a cold with the wet clothes and he just got a jab a few days before, so Chubby took off all his clothes including his diapers (which is already soaked with sea water). And so my boy is completely naked.

Naughty chubby still went to cover him with more sand and gave him a sand rub. My poor boy, his back was a little red after that. But that doesn’t dampen his spirit in playing at the beach.

Sand Bath

My SIL on seeing my naked boy asked if we want to let Zai wear Renee bikini’s bottom. Well, I thought that will be better than letting him go naked with so many people around. Although I’m still a little worried whether the wind will cause him to get sick. But I think that is the only choice we have left then. And so we have a beach hunk in hot pink “trunks”?

Beach Hunk in Hot Pink

But we have a fun time there. Shall bring him again when we have the time.


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