Toilet Training

I have always wanted to start toilet training for Zai when he turn 18 months. But till date I fail to do so cause I’m LAZY! Hahaha. Cannot blame anyone but myself. Anyway the minimal that I did was to bring him to the toilet when he wakes up from his nap during the weekends when I’m home. Most of the time he will just pee.

And 2 weeks ago when we were at my mum’s place, my mum keep nagging at Zai to tell her if he wants to poo. But obviously my boy doesn’t know how to do it yet. So he got a light smack in the butt by my mum when he pooed into the diaper. *Poor Zai*. So last weekend when my mum is over at my place, she starts nagging at Zai again to tell her when he wants to poo. And guess what, he did turn to my mum and grab his diaper but that was after he pooed. I dunno if it is just pure coincidence or he really is trying to tell my mum he pooed. But again because it was after he pooed, he got nagged by my mum again. But I told my mum that is an achievement already, if he really meant to tell us that he pooed.

And this morning, Zai woke up and was playing in the living room with Chubby. Then he suddenly attempt to pull down his pants. Chubby thought he wanted to take a bath and told him later. He then come to me and pulled my hands to go to the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted to pee or he wanted to take a bath. He just wants me to take off his pants. So I took the pants and diaper off. And he started to pull the floor mat which we place for him to take bath to prevent him from slipping, so I think he wants to take a bath. But i told him no and asked him to pee instead. And he just stood there, look at his parts and started to pee! I was actually quite happy. But I’m still unsure if he really wants to pee or just want to take a bath. But I think that is some improvement at least.

I hope he will soon be able to tell us that he wants to pee. Doesn’t matter if we make it in time or not, at least that is a good start. Diapers are expensive and not environmentally friendly. So I hope Zai can be toilet trained soon!


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