We brought Zai for his MMR jab last Thursday. Actually we wanted to bring him for his 18 month jab. But it appears that he have to take the MMR jab before this. And hence, this 18th month jab will be postponed to next month.

It was a hassle for this jab, as we have to go back all the way to CCK polyclinic. Zai have all his jabs with this polyclinic since he was born. But because we shifted, we actually wanted to change to the nearer polyclinic. But sadly, they were under different healthcare group. So the “new” polyclinic prefers not to take Zai in for this jab as they classify the jabs as a package until the older ones which is when Zai is 4 years old I think. So we have no choice but make a trip down all the way to CCK just to let Zai have a jab.

And sadly, we were 15 minutes late, and was treated as “walk-in” patient. So there was a long wait for his development check. They will clear all the appointment patient first before they attend to “walk-in”. Even if the appointment patient came much much later. 😦 but no choice, we were the ones who were late.

Talking about the jab, which is administered by the nurse, it was much smoother then we thought. It has been a long time since Zai got a jab. I think about 9 months. So far, Zai have not cry when taking a jab (think he is really thick skin. :P) but we are unsure if it is because he was young and doesn’t know what is going around him. The last time he was a little older, but still a baby where we can safely hold him in our arms. But now, he is a running toddler who knows what is going on.

When we sit Zai down in the nurse room, he heard cries from next door. And I think he kinda of guess that something is not right. He shows a face of concern. And when Chubby was practicing carrying him, he struggles and doesn’t allow Chubby to hold him properly. I was afraid that he will struggle real hard when the real jab comes.

When its time, Chubby uses more force and hold him in place, while I talk to him and tell him that it will be over soon. The nurse was quite fast and my brave boy didn’t cry. Which is a real relieve for me. And the next moment when we are out of the nurse room, he was running around again!

The nurse says that if he develops a fever, it will be in 4 to 5 days time. Today is the 4th day, hope all goes well for my son.


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