Going to School

We just receive an email from the childcare that we intend to enroll Zai in that his place is confirmed! I’m so excited. When we first put out names down, it was like about a year back. Hahaha. We were kiasu. Actually also because we were too lazy to find another childcare. 😛

Now, when we go to work everyday, he will stand at the door and bid us goodbye, sometimes “crying” to join us. Come December, he will be joining Chubby to go to work where his childcare is.

Anyway, we are very excited now. Can’t imagine how my boy is going to behave when he goes to school. Will he mix well with the rest of the kids? Will he cry and look for us? Will he bully others or get bullied? Oh man, I can’t wait to see and yet I don’t want him to grow up so fast.


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