We recently have a new activity with Zai. That is Bubbles. It started off with our friendly neighbor giving us a bottle of bubble. Initially we thought Zai was too young for that, but apparently when my MIL bought him to play with my nieces, he had a hell lot of fun. So we thought we will get a proper one for him to play.

So weeks ago, we make a trip to Toys-R-Us and bought one with many “wands”. But yah, we later on realize that it doesn’t make much difference except that the bubbles that comes out have different sizes. And some of the wands were so difficult to blow, that we didn’t think it was useful.

Anyway, since then we will let him play at the corridor which have quite a big space for him to run about. He will normally take one of the long blue “wands” and poke at the bubbles we blow. Of course, there will be a lot of times, he is just running around ignoring the bubbles, but using his “wand” to hit the railings or simply to run down the little slope. He fell alot of times, but I think so far its still quite safe. He knows how to break his fall and it doesn’t really seem very dangerous (ermm.. i hope).

It was a great activity as it gives him a chance to run around, and at the same time train his hand-eye co-ordination by poking on the bubbles. But he have been bugging us to bring him out to play every night. Which is not so ideal as he will end up too excited an unable to sleep. I guess we have to work out some schedule with him. And oh yah, the good thing about the bubble solution from Toys-R-Us is that it doesn’t appear to be very “soapy” so it doesn’t make the floor slippery after we played with it. Otherwise it will be very inconsiderate to the neighbors. 😛

Bubbles Time

We have since finish one bottle of the bubbles. Time to top up more!


One thought on “Bubbles

  1. Bubbles never fail to be a hit with the children! My boy loves playing bubbles. In fact, he gets his daily dose of bubble fun – in the bathroom! That’s how I coax my boy to bath! haha!

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