Liar Liar

This little incident happened on Sunday. We were at home and Zai wasn’t in his best behavior that day. He was playing around and he noticed the “cupboard” which we put our DVD player is not lock. So he size the opportunity to open the cupboard and start playing with the DVD player. And my MIL was watching TV then. I tried to pull him back but wasn’t successful. He kept on struggling to go back to the DVD player. I was quite helpless.

Then I think my MIL have enough of it, so she carried him away and brought him into her room. I heard she actually “smack” his buttocks. And he cried and wanted to be pacify by his Gu-Gu who is also in the room. But my MIL wouldn’t let him. She asked him in Cantonese who asked him to play with the DVD player.

And guess what is my cute son reply? “Mi-Mi” aka “Mummy”. Loud and clear. Such that Chubby and me who is in the living room also can hear it. Since when did I ask him to play there? 😦 But he got the whole family laughing with his reply.

My cute son…


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