Swimming Again

Its been a month since we bought Zai for a swim. It was the lunar 7 month, so my MIL told us not to bring him for a swim. But Zai have been bugging us to bring him for a swim. Every time he opens the cupboard to take out his books, he will see his float and point it to me. Indicating his “need” to go swimming. I promise him I will bring him for a swim the previous Saturday. But it was too hazy and we decide not to take the risk of bringing him for a swim.

So finally this Saturday we got a chance to bring him for a swim. We started off at the kids pool. Zai have a fun time riding on the “rockers” and literally jumping into the pool without caring if there is anyone there to catch hold of him. He just love the waters. Later Zai move on to the lazy river while I waited upstairs as I need to look after the barang barang. I heard he had much fun there as his new arm float allows him to be really floating properly with Chubby holding on to his arms at the front.

Swimming on 17 Sept

But I think that tire him out a bit. Cause he wasn’t struggling to get back into waters when we carry him out to bathe. He even turn around and bade bye bye to the frog “rocker”. I hope we will be back soon again.


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