My Cute Son

I just heard this from Chubby. Chubby is on leave today. So he decides to go for a swim before coming to pick me from work. It has been a long time since he go for a swim. As he is leaving the house, Zai woke up from his afternoon nap. And my MIL told him that Daddy is going for a swim.

Guess what happen? Zai quickly went to the laundry basket, which my MIL put the folded clothes she have just took down, and pass his mickey mouse swimming costume to Chubby. Oh man, my boy is so cute! He even know where to hunt for his swimming costume and that he have to wear that for a swim. But Chubby told him no, he is not going swimming (Sometimes you just have to lie to kids, no choice). But I think Zai didn’t believe him. Heard he was all tears when Chubby left the house.

I can really picture the whole scenario happening although I’m not physically there. Oh man, I really love my boy.


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