The Dancer

Look at the pose my boy struck. Doesn’t he have the potential to be a dancer?

Dance Pose

Hahaha. Actually this photo is a fake. We were just trying to take a photo of him wrapped in towel. And I can’t remember what distracted him that he put out his arms to reach for something. And in the end it looks like he was doing some dance pose.

But my boy is still a dance lover. He can “dance” to music. But not in such a demure way. (*Lucky* cause he is a boy mah). He will turn around or even “dance” with a tip toe of one leg. Or he will do small steps on the spot. Must find a chance to capture that on video. But he is always doing it so randomly, I wonder if I have the time to whip out my iPhone to video.

But we are glad he has a love for music. Maybe we will bring him for some music appreciation classes when he is older?


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