Mid-Autumn Festival

Initially I wanted to bring Zai to Chinese Garden to celebrate Mid-Autumn. But after looking at the price and the haze that is in the air over the weekend, I decide against it. So we were quite plan-less for mid-autumn. Until that day, I decide to just take leave and rest, as I was really tired from our busy weekend. And Chubby’s meeting with his director happened to be postponed. So he took half day too. My MIL then decides we should go to her mum’s place for dinner to have a reunion with her.

After discussing, they decides to just have hotpot. Easy to prepare and can feed everybody. And my MIL is so efficient that she manage to get the families of the 4th and 5th uncle to come along too. So off we go to Giant @ Vivo to buy the ingredients while we get my GMIL to prepare the soup. And by around 6pm we arrived at her place.

No pics of the hotpot as I was too busy eating.. hahaha. But the main thing is not the food but the reunion. I heard all the food was wiped clean. Which is great. The haze in the evening was still great, so we didn’t let the kids go down and play much and we can only resort to letting them play at the corridor. And lazy mummy fail to get Zai a lantern after his “Angry Bird” one refuse to light up weeks before the festival. 😛

Attempting to make Zai Carry Traditional Lantern

That’s my Uncle-In-Law trying to let Zai hold on to the traditional candle lighted lantern. But he keeps dropping it. So we didn’t let him carry it for long for fear that it may burnt the lantern itself.

Renee and Vaness waiting to carry Lantern

That’s Renee and Vaness waiting for their mom to finish dinner so they can go downstairs and carry lantern. The lantern that Renee is hold is actually Zai’s first lantern from last year which my MIL bought for him. 🙂


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