Zai @ 18 Months

What!? My boy is 1.5 years old already!!!

Mastered Skills

  • Will “read” board books on his own
    Yes, he does that. There was one night when I have already off all the lights and he was running around our room and just went straight to the cupboard and took out his books. And best thing is he tried to read in the darkness. I dunno to laugh or to cry at my “hardworking” son.
  • Can pedal when put on trike
    We haven’t put him on a tricycle before. The closest we did was to put him on one that was on display at the JL expo sale. But his feet couldn’t really touch the pedal. So I guess he can’t really ride yet. Maybe its time get him one. But again it needs lots of looking after as I think he will just start climbing and getting out of the trike.
  • Scribbles well
    He doesn’t really like to doodle or scribble. He has a magnetic board at home. But he prefers to use the “chop” most of the time then to take the pen and write. Maybe we should encourage him more in scribbling.

Emerging Skills

  • String words together in phrases
    Nope he can’t do that yet. His vocab is increasing but he can’t form phrases or sentences yet. But I think we are to blame because we tend to “baby talk” to him. I have been reminding myself to talk to him in complete sentences these days. Hopefully he can pick it up soon.
  • Brushes Teeth with Help
    This maybe yes. He knows he have to put his toothbrush into his mouth. But most time he only bites on it. Sometimes he will allow us to “help” him. But most time he prefers to do it on his own, but obviously in the wrong way.
  •  Builds a tower of four cubes
    He loves his mega blocks these days. And will stack them up in a tower and carry it to the TV console. But the mega blocks were inherited so they were a little loose. Hence, they tend to disengage and drop when he carries them around. He will then try to fix it back. But sometimes he will lose patience and runs to play with other stuff.

Advanced Skills

  • Throws ball overhand
    Didn’t really see him doing this
  • Takes toys apart and puts them together
    He doesn’t really have “take-a-part” toy. But he does enjoy screwing the caps of some toy bottle and then asking us to help him unscrew cause he doesn’t have enough strength to do so. Maybe I should buy some take-apart toy to help develop such skills in him
  • Show signs of toilet training readiness
    Don’t think so. We often told him that he should let us know when he wants to pee or poo. But obviously he don’t. I have seen a few occasion whereby he will touch his diaper, I asked him if he wants to pee, but he will just run away when I attempt to bring him to the toilet. I think toilet training for him is gonna take us sometime.

It looks like my son progress have been slow this month. Or maybe he is just more developed in his motor skills ask compared to others. But I’m glad that my boy now knows how to call me! He call me “mee-mee” which is a differentiation from his “gu-ma” and “maa-maa”. This is great!

He is also more sensible now and understands us better. His vocab is growing, but I feel that I haven’t spend enough time reading to him these days. He is recognizing more animals from the poster we put up and from the books we borrowed. He was able to match the “cartoon” animals in a book to the more lifelike ones in the poster. Even the unfamiliar koala bear. I wanna play card matching with him soon. But I dunno if he has the patience to sit down and play that with me.

I loving my boy more day by day (I surprise myself that I can love someone so dearly). He can be such a charming boy. His laughter will just make your day. But he can be quite “N” too. When he doesn’t get what he wants he will cry. With real tears falling. It breaks my heart when I see him like that. So I tend to give in. But Chubby is right, I shouldn’t encourage such behavior. So I should learn to ignore his unreasonable behaviors.


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