Visiting the Bird Park

We brought Zai to the Bird Park two Saturday ago. Like the last time he went to the Zoo, he fell asleep just before we reach the bird park. As a result he missed the feeding of the penguins! But after the penguin, we move quickly to the ampitheatre to watch the “Birds and Buddies” show. We sort of woke him up when we move him from the stroller to the seat. But I’m glad we did. Cause I think he enjoyed the show. Looking at the birds soar.

Watching Show with Po-Po

The funny boy told us he 怕怕 when we ask him to take a photo with the parrot mascot. Erm, yah I think kids in general are afraid of mascots. 😛

Zai showing his scared of the Mascot

After that we make a walk around the park. But I think Zai is too young to understand the different kind of birds. A flamingo is a duck, a pecan is a duck, a swan is a duck any big birds that might resemble a duck is call a duck. =.=|||

Zai showing his version of Duck Duck

When we are 3/4 way through the park, our boy starts to get hungry and just want to rest on Daddy’s or Po-Po’s shoulder. Serve him right for refusing to finish his morning milk and eating breakfast. I guess my boy was really famish, caused its the first time I see him so lethargic. Initially we thought he was sleepy, but he didn’t sleep, so we concluded he is really hungry.

Hungry Boy

He only got a little excited when we visited the souvenir shop. He was really trying to pick a soft toy home, but nah, mummy is not a fan for soft toy. So we make him put it back. Luckily he didn’t protest much. Maybe he is too hungry. 😛

Selecting and Kissing the Soft Toy He Wants

No choice, we ended the tour quickly and went to the hilltop to have Jap food. Look at him with all smiles again after being fed.

No More Hungry Boy

I guess our boy is too young for the bird park now. It will be more interesting to bring him to the zoo. I have to start applying for my company’s corporate zoo pass.


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