Making Zai Sleep

For the past 6 months or so, Zai has been going to sleep at night on his own. We normally make him some milk, put him in his cot, switches off all the lights and leave him to go to sleep on his own. And he will do that. These give both of us some time to do our own things and enjoy the night before we go to bed.

However, recently we are training Zai to sleep in a mattress instead of his cot. For the first two days he was quite good. On the first day, I was the one accompanying him. I just lie beside him while he drinks his milk. When he finishes, he actually pass the bottle to me. I leave it one side and continue to lie beside him. He repeated the process of standing up and lying down a few times before he lie down and try to get some sleep. I tried to pat him, but he doesn’t seems to want it. So I left him alone, and soon he fell asleep.

On the 2nd day, Chubby was the one accompanying him. He carried him for a while and tried to pat him. He struggles a bit so Chubby left him on the mattress and tries to pat him. And soon he fell asleep.

On the 3rd day, it was my turn again. This time round I had a real hard time. I think he realize that he is no longer “trapped” in his cot. So he started running around the room after he finishes his milk. I tried carrying and patting him, but he struggles to break free from my hold. I left him to run around see if he will get tired and goes back to his bed. But he doesn’t and start knocking on the door to request to go out. And this alerted Chubby who came in and tried to help. But in the end he is also helpless and threw him back into his cot, which makes him cry out loud. As he doesn’t want to be trap. And this alerted my MIL who came in, “rescued” him and brought him to her bedroom and patted him to sleep.

On the 4th day, I tried to make him sleep again. This time round, he found out the door to the toilet was not locked and ran out from there (as the toilet is link to the kitchen). My MIL saw him and again brought him to her bedroom and patted him to sleep.

Yesterday was the 5th day. We attended a wake and came back late, but still our little boy doesn’t want to sleep after his milk. Chubby resorted to using iPhone and playing the same app over and over again until it makes him sleepy and fell asleep. But that was 2 hours after his normal bed time.

I’m really clueless as to what else I can do to make Zai sleep. Both my Mom and my MIL don’t understand why we have such a problem. Cos Zai always fall asleep easily in their “hands”. I think the problem is Zai always want to play with us. So he refuse to let us pat him. While with my Mom or MIL he will not struggle when they hold and pat him. My “notti” boy. I don’t know to be happy or sad about this fact.

I was thinking of reading stories to him. But again I think he is too young to understand stories and probably won’t want to sit in the bed with me to listen. So far only the iPhone is able to make him sit quietly in bed and watch. But I don’t really like that idea and its bad for the eyes. Besides he soon grew tired of the apps. Which means I have to hunt for more apps.

Anyone with any ideas on how I can make my boy sleep?


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