Mid-Autumn Festival by the River

Last Friday we brought the kids to the Mid-Autumn Festival by the River. Initially we thought there will be lantern display in Chinatown since its organised by the Kreta Ayer CCC and all. And according to online reports there is suppose to be some bazaar setup for the festival. But luckily we were in Chinatown in the afternoon and realize that there are no lanterns on display. So we decide to go to Clarke Quay where Chubby saw there was some events going on when he was there for dinner on Tuesday.

Due to location of where we stay, we decide not to drive into Clarke Quay. Cause we know traffic and parking will be a headache. And its only 2 MRT stops away. So we all took the public transport!

Daddy and Zai in the MRT

It was Renee first time taking the MRT (fortunate Gal), so she wasn’t comfortable in crossing the gates. She insist on crossing with her helper, but we know she can’t since she is a paying customer. So she cried when her father tried to get her to cross. But she is back to her happy self after that.

Renee and Zai looking at the floats

It was quite dark and we happily forgot to bring camera. So we can only depend on our iPhone, which sucks at such a poor lighting environment.

Chubby with Zai and his Zodiac

End up we can only see shadows. So I gave up on taking more such photos and just concentrate on bringing Zai to see the lanterns.

Zai and his Balloon Lantern

Along the way, my SIL bought two balloons that comes with a light inside. And look at my boy. He is so happy with that balloon. Occasionally hitting us with the balloon, until at one point of time his balloon “fell” off the stick and lost “air”. He quickly showed it to my SIL using the “why is my balloon like that” look. So cute. And we blow it up for him again.

When we reach the end of the river, there was some performance going on. My BIL was putting Renee on his shoulders to let her have a better view of the performance. I quickly told Chubby to try and put Zai on his shoulders also. We have previously tried doing that to Zai but he doesn’t seem to like it. So this time we told him to be like “Jie Jie” and see if it works.

Sitting on Daddy's Shoulder

And viola! There he is happy to be on his Daddy’s shoulder. But only for a short short while. I remember I always enjoy sitting on my Dad’s shoulder when I was young. So I hope Zai will enjoy it too. But it looks like he doesn’t.

Chubby, MIL and SIL queuing for Desserts

After the walk in the hot night, we went to Liang Court to get some cooling desserts before we head home on public transport again!

Zai in Bus

2 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival by the River

  1. I wanted to bring my boy to see the lanterns but was worried about the crowd. Last year there was a Taiwanese food street, do they have it this year?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Wonder if it still in time. 😛 That day when i was there, the crowd was still okie. I only saw one store selling Taiwanese street food. But that’s for Clarke Quay. Not sure about Chinatown though.

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