The percussionist

Zai always have a love for percussion. He can take a bottle of sweet and shake it, just to listen for the sound. He will take the toy bowling pins and knock against each other to produce sound. He loves the clapper. And when he is at my parents place, he will drag the big biscuit tin and knock it with a hard coaster. So we have always an intention to get a drum for him. But when we brought him to Toys-R-Us a month back and put him on a sample drum to try, he isn’t that interested. I guess, he just can’t seat still. So we decide to save the money and didn’t get him the drum.

That day we took half day leave intending to visit the Borders sale. But was put off by the queue to pay, so we walked into the JL Expo sale instead. And we spotted this drum set that is only SGD3. We thought its just a drum where he can hit. In the end when we open it at home, its not only the big drum. It comes with 2 smaller drum acting like the tom and also a “crash”. It also comes with flashing light, which Zai loves to turn it on. I think its really a good buy for $3. And guess what, Zai really likes it. For the past few days he will wake up and look for that toy. 😛 But clumsy mummy cause Zai to broke the connecting part of one of the toy while trying to help him check if he pooed. But still Zai can still play with it.

Properly Setup Drum

This is Zai playing with the drums which I have setup properly for him. The one he is holding is the one that has broke and can’t be attached on.

5 Mins into Play

5 Minutes into his play, the drums are on the floor and the “crash” has fallen too.

Big Head

This has nothing to do with the drum. I was trying to snap more photos of him playing with the drum. But Zai decides to stand up and peer at my camera. As such, the proportion is distorted. But I like it. Too bad my iPhone is too slow to snap it clearly and at the point where he is looking. 😦


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