Zai Reading in August 2011

This month I didn’t really borrow lots of books for Zai, cause I realize in the previous month that he doesn’t really read them. But I was wrong again this time. 😛 This is because I left the books in the car to read to him while on the road then brought it home to read to him. And this really work cause it kept him entertained at the same time reduce his usages of the iPhone. So I think for the coming month I’m gonna borrow slightly more such that I leave some in the car and bring some back home.

Who Do I See

This book describes the features of the animal with a hole in the center such that the kid can peep at the picture and make a guess of what is the animal on the next page. Zai who is into animals these days likes the book. But he can’t really guess yet. He will just flip to the page and point to the animal. I will just read out the animal to him.

Uh-oh I'm Sorry

This is a lift the flap book. Somehow when Zai first got the book and heard me read the word “Uh-Oh”, he caught it very fast. He will turn the pages and go “Uh-Oh”. At first he don’t really know how to lift the flap, so I will do it. But after a while he picks it up. And his favorite is the bathing page. Cause my boy just like to take a bathe. He will also point to the rubber duckie and go “Duck Duck”.

Sleepy Time

This is a also a lift-the-flap book. But the flaps are smaller, so it was really until very recently that Zai knows how to lift the flap for the book. Hence, he didn’t enjoy this book at the beginning. This book basically shows all the different animals snuggling in their “home”. Like the horse stays in the stable, the dog stays in the kennel. Its quite good as it introduces the different homes. But I doubt Zai understands at such a young stage. But still its good to expose him to such vocabs.

My First Songs

This is basically a sing-along book. I just sings the songs to Zai and he will just listen.

Bear In A Square

This book teaches about different shapes. Like circle, heart, square, etc. Zai still can’t appreciate shapes yet. He will just take the book and say “bear bear” before he dumps it in a corner.

Baby's Very First Colours Book

Somehow Zai quite like this book. He will point to the different objects in the book and I will read out the object to him. But he always mistake the “Swan” as a “Duck”. Corrected him every time he says it, but he will still call the “Swan” a “Duck”. So I guess he can’t recognize the word “Duck” yet but just the shape of it. I tried explaining the colors to him, but he doesn’t seem to catch it. Its so difficult to teach colors and shapes.

So time to visit the library to get more different books for my boy!


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