Cook a pot of curry…

Last Sunday was National Curry Day. Well if you stay in our little island you would probably know what its all about. Has the matter been blown out of proportion? Probably. But still I’m happy to see so many of my friends (Indians and Non-Indians) coming together to stand firm on our culture. I mean we all grew up eating curry. Indian curry, Malay Curry, Nonya Curry and even Chinese Curry. Curry is part of our culture. Let’s just share it!

Our family also join in the day. On Saturday, Chubby cooked Chicken Curry at my mum’s place, cause we thought we won’t be free on Sunday to cook and there is only the two of us to eat.

Chicken Curry

Chubby happily visited the Ma-Ma shop at our block, wanting to buy fresh grind coconut. But was disappointed to see the machine there but the Ma-Ma shop owner told him they don’t have coconut to grind… Oh man.. its so disappointing. We end up using pre-packed coconut milk. And the curry paste was from A1. It was good!

Who knows on Sunday, my MIL decides to join in the fun too. And she uses the Yong Tau Foo which my sis got for us to cook Curry Yong Tau Foo. It was good too. But I forgot to ask her which brand of paste did she use. And we suspect she added more chilli on her own, cause it was spicier.

Curry Yong Tau Foo

Two days of curry is not so ideal but still We LOVE Curry!


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