Smart Devices

I have been struggling with the use of “Smart Devices” with Zai. In a sense that, I wonder is it good to let him use the devices.

Last time, when he was younger, I would sing him song or let him have some biscuits when we are travelling on the road. But since the introduction of my Smart Phone, my singing doesn’t seems to appeal to him anymore. He would make a fuss from sitting in his car seat and wouldn’t seat properly until I promise him to give him the phone. As for now, I will play the app with him and not allowing him to handle the phone alone. To me its still some bonding time, compare to throwing him a phone and asking him to keep quiet. Although at times, I yearn for such peaceful time. But no, I don’t think I should go down that road.

But I really wonder what are the side effects of such smart devices. First, its not good for his eyes. Seeing the illuminated screen and from such a short distance. Although I try to move the phone further away from him. Second, I wonder how long more before he starts playing apps without me. After sometime will he be so indulge in the apps and totally ignore me? That is not good for his development. And also I rather he look at the outside passing scenery then the small phone. Its not only better for his eyes and I think its healthier.

But of course there are the good sides. Some apps are really educational. Zai pick up some of the vocab from the apps that he plays with. And we really can have some peaceful time especially when we eat. Its really a double edge sword.

Anyway recently, he becomes very picky about the apps we played for him. He used to enjoy this app that plays nursery rhymes with animations, but now I think he is sick and tired of it. He would press the home button or shake his head and wave his hand to tell me to change. Finding app for him has also become a headache. He is not so easily satisfied as compared to my nieces.

Anyway recently I found this free app which he quite like. Cause recently his favorite is animals and their sound.

Polly Poodle Noisy Book

There is 3 options inside after you get into the app. The Jungle sound, Farm sound and Baby sound. Although his favorite is animals now, he kinda of enjoy the baby sound too. But again I wonder how long before he gets tired of the app again. Need more sources to find good apps for my little boy.


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