Zai @ 17 Months

This remind me that I need to book appointment for Zai’s next jab.

Mastered Skills

  • Uses a handful of words regularly
    Well, as mention in the previous posts about Zai’s vocab, he does have a handful of words that he often speaks.
  • Enjoys pretend games
    Don’t really get this. But he likes to do the hand motion for the animals. He would cross his hands in front to act as the trunk of the elephant. Fold his arms and put under each arm pit for duck and pout his face for pigs.
  • Likes riding toys
    He doesn’t really have a “rider” toy, except for the rocking bike that we bought him way back. He will “rock” on it for a very short while and loose interest. I have seen him rushing to the toy bike at his cousin’s place but didn’t really sit on it for long too.

    Little Driver

Emerging Skills

  • Responds to directions
    Yup, only when he stands to benefit or enjoys doing it. I will often asks him to sit down when I feed him his favorite fruits. And he will just plonk and sit at anywhere he is last standing. But after a few mouthful, he will get restless and start roaming around. And he will come back and sit down when he wants the next mouth. He also knows how to throw rubbish into the dustbin when you tell him so. However, he will sometime play with the rubbish or the dustbin. ><|||
  • Feeds doll
    Over the weekend we setup two posters for Zai. One is ABC the other is animals. I dunno why, but yesterday he actually took the toy “thermometer” and run to the poster, “Ah” and point the toy at the animals. And this morning, when I gave him a raisin, he actually “give” the raisin to the animals also.
  • Talks more clearly
    How to define that? His vocab has definitely improve. Speaks more words will mean we are able to understand him better. Some words he is still unable to pronounce properly, so ???

Advanced Skills

  • Dances to music
    He has been able to do that since he was quite young. He really enjoys music and movement. Can spin himself in circles or nod his head like a rocker. I think we “brought” him to too much rock concert when I was pregnant with him.
  • Sorts toys by color, shape or size
    Well, this never happen. And I really don’t see how it can happen cause he doesn’t really keep his toys. He will just empty whatever he can from boxes or bags play them for a few seconds before he starts running to somewhere else. But I recently I was playing this game with him where I take the toy bowling pin and knock against each other to create sound (which I know he likes). Somehow, he came to determine that the white bowling pin is mine and will always pass me the white ones and uses the green ones for himself.
  • Kicks ball forward
    I have seen him did this like only once. He is not really into “balls”. I think that was only a pure co-incidence where he actually kicks the ball.

Can’t help but feel that my son is getting cuter by the days. I really love him although he can sometime irritate the hell out of us with his “naughty-ness”. Disciplining him is really a problem. He doesn’t know what is pain, so beating him is no use. I have no place to “trap” him and let him stand there and not move around. There was once Chubby actually carried him and nag at him telling him the “naughty” things he did. He ignored him at first but after a while (I think he got sick of the nagging) he turned around and kiss Chubby. Oh man, how can Chubby continue when he is this sweet. *sighz* I think we need to be tougher to him and don’t give him to his demands too much. Especially me!

Little Bartender

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